Suzeday Tuesday: A little of this, a little of that

Well, folks, I'm down to my last few images in The Suzeday Files, which means The Suze needs to send me some more because there is no way this is it.  So this is a somewhat random post.

A lovely little courtyard from this New Orleans home. I'm pretty sure this is the house Brad and Angelina purchased on Governor Nicholls.

The desk area that The Suze LOVES.

Doors, doors, doors

Frames. The Suze got mad when a framer told her that framing botanicals with french ribbon isn't really in style anymore.  He must've been high.  

The eentsiest bit of masculine decor that The Suze has allowed to enter her dream world comes in the form of the man's closet.  

Aahh much better. I love everything about this living room.  The neutral colors, gold accessories, gorgeous chandelier and pretty pale blue pleated shades - perfection 

When I look at this table, I see gorgeous baby-proofing nightmare. 


Do y'all like The Suzeday Files? Let me know if you do so I can pass along the sentiments to The Suze. She's easily motivated by compliments and flattery.


  1. Love all the Suze files!! Keep em coming, and tell her to bring more more more! I LOVE that desk area and am saving that image for my future cozy little office. Its perfect. I love everything else too and that gorgeous New Orleans courtyard? Perfection!!

  2. I adore her files. Seems I love her taste in almost everything more than I like my own! The best part has to be that she has a digital file of everything. Maybe I will send you all my tear sheets.

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