Suzeday Tuesday: Landscape Architect Rene Fransen

Y'all remember that last week, I ran out of actual Suzeday Files to share with you.  Not to worry, The Suze is busy gathering more magazine clippings for me to share, which hopefully she'll send me soon.  So for today's Suzeday Tuesday, I thought I'd pull some images from the portfolio of The Suze's favorite New Orleans landscape architect Rene Fransen.  I don't know if she knows he's her favorite, but I know that she's borderline obsessed with these next two images and he is responsible for both!

First, there's this Jewel Box Garden, which The Suze calls The Secret Garden because she can never remember the term Jewel Box Garden.

Jewel Box Garden - Southern Accents 

And then, there's this gorgeous courtyard.

Southern Accents 
Both of which she has stapled to her bulletin boards and may even carry with her in her giant bag o' inspiration also known as her purse - yes, The Suze likes to keep many of her inspiration images with her  in case she were to get stuck somewhere and need something pretty to look at.

Rene J.L. Fransen Landscape Architects really does gorgeous work, from courtyards to sweeping lawns, beautiful ironworks, trellises, stunning entries and dramatic pools and fountains.  I've pulled many of the images I think The Suze would love, but I would encourage you to spend some time on their website for even more outdoor inspiration.  Enjoy!


  1. Love this post..and love me lush garden. So beautiful, would love to have a parterre garden down the road with old beautiful moss covered statuary and a gorgeous fountain, beautiful inspiration!

  2. I love the courtyards, such Southern charm. All I need is a Pimm's Cup and your company in one of them, the perfect afternoon!

  3. Hahah so true!!! these are her favorite!!! and no matter what kind of collage of invitations and party pics is on our kitchen bulletin board, the secret garden and that beautiful courtyard take precedence.

  4. Gorgeous gardens! I love the pretty gates and stone work softened with climbers. Tell The Suze to look at my latest post. I think she will like the garden of that home too. x Sharon

  5. Gorgeous gardens, and I so wish I was drinking my coffee in the second image right now...

  6. I just love how the designers were able to mesh hard concrete with flowing green foliage to create a sense of harmony between the two elements! No single element is overwhelming the other. But what I like most about the designs is how they were able to seemingly imitate the designs of Ancient Roman and Greek cities. Just wonderful!

    Elizaveta Kramer

  7. A paradise on earth, that’s the first thing that came to my mind upon seeing this Jewel Box Garden! This is literally a ‘jewel in the box’! Everything, from the flowers, plants, decors and design, everything is stunning! A breathtaking place like this is a place worth seeing!

    -Katy Eagles

  8. You could really see in the pictures the designer's landscaping skills. All of them look fantastic, but for me, the second photo was the best. The landscape matched well wth the style of the house. Also, the plants, bushes, flowers, and the lawn blend altogether. They all look stunning! A home surrounded with luscious green floras is absolutely refreshing.

    Matt Kucik @ Meridian Landscaping, LLC


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