Suzeday Tuesday: Lampshades by Charles Birdsong

The Suze hates overhead lighting. Hates it.  I remember when we were little she went through a phase where she had everything made into a lamp.  We now have approximately 6,456 lamps in our modest little home, all of which you have to turn on during the day and off before bed.  It is quite the chore, but, and I hate to admit this, our house is very cozy and warm thanks to all of these lamps.  One of Dallas' best lampshade makers is a designer and style expert by the name of Charles Birdsong. He's a genius.  Seriously. I never would have thought of lamp shades as art, but I am now entering a a whole new level of high-maintenance living because I need to have one of these beautiful shades in my home.  (Sorry Kip) The Suze gave me this article as a part of The Suzeday Files, and rather than extracting the pictures, I scanned the whole thing because it's worth the read.  (I'm pretty sure this article is from an old D Magazine) Enjoy! 


  1. Oh those do look awfully pretty!! My husband will be so thrilled that you have shown me yet something else to go and spend my money on...oh boy he loves this blogworld...haha. These are beautiful, I love when I see someone who has such a passion for what he does, as he obviously does, you can see these beauties are true labors of love. Beautiful..thanks for the heads up, am going to go google his work now!

  2. What gorgeous shades...I am currently needing some new ones in my living room and these are exquisite...such detail. Thrilled to find and follow your blog!


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