Local Lake House Love

Morning y'all! You all know I love a lake house almost as much as a beach house.  If I had to choose between having one or the other I would actually choose to own a lake house (see my dream lake house post) because that is what is more accessible to those of us in the land locked midwest (sigh). I was beyond delighted to see September's House Beautiful included this house, which is only about twenty minutes from us on Lake Lotawana!

Notice the Shatto milk* in the corner! More on that in a minute. 

My favorite things about this house are the periwinkle blue windows and shutters (Benjamin Moore's Swiss Blue) and, of course, that kitchen with the floor-to-ceiling Delft blue tile and pistachio-stained cabinets (Benjamin Moore's Everglades).  I probably would have painted all of the wood, but that's just my thing.  Some people prefer the warmth and coziness of the dark wood.  I'm a cool, crisp white girl myself.  Thanks House Beautiful for remembering the Midwest! Y'all go get you a copy stat.  It's a good issue! 

*Now for my little aside: Shatto Milk is the best. milk. ever.  Seriously y'all, I'm not even a milk drinker, but this is all we buy.  It's from a local farm located just north of Kansas City and comes in these cute glass bottles that you return to the grocery store when you are finished.  They also sell these adorable milk glasses on their website that I need to order. 

The Suze loves milk (she can drink it like water) and she declared it the best milk she ever tasted.  You can only buy it at select stores in Missouri and Kansas so if you are ever this way, make it a priority to pick some up.

Have a lovely day y'all! 


  1. OK first I am most intrigued by Shatto milk.....I too am not a big milk drinker but now am curious and must confess, being a sucker for all things asthetic, those little cute bottles do it for me everytime!
    Now onto this gloroius lake house....ahhhhh I can almost feel that breeze coming in off the lake now, hear the birds singing and is that a cheer I hear? Someone just caught tonights dinner! Such is lake life and I too would be mighty fine with it! Beautiful home, and love love love those pale blue shutters and trim. Let me know which weekend I should plan for a visit!

  2. The Suze doesn't ever drink water.

  3. So much to love about this house! I love those exterior stone walls, the slubby linen curtains and the pistachio kitchen cabinets. I think I would also paint the wood though. x Sharon

  4. What a dream lake house...such charm and character!!


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