Happy Friday!

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Happy Friday Y'all! I'm currently writing this post while The Little Man eats his Cheerios poolside. It's a beautiful morning! The Child is determined to unbaby-proof the house, and while his craftiness and Macgyver-like skills are admirable, I'm exhausted from running around the house trying to anticipate his every move.  He is a busy, busy little man.


I'm getting ready to head to my bestie's wedding in Aspen next week.  I'm super excited, but also a little sad to leave Edward for four days.  I'm trying to savor every snuggly moment with him over the next few days. So I'll lead you into the weekend with one final image that I can't get out of my head ...

You're welcome :)


  1. Laughing over the baby-proofing...we just had dinner guests with little ones and how soon we forget how they see things to explore!
    Have a fun weekend and trip!
    xo Cathy

  2. Is this sweet!! That little Edward is making sure to give you extra doses "of having to run around" to make sure you miss him!! Looks like he is succeeding:) That last picture is sooo darling...OH I so miss having a little guy to chase after:) Enjoy the weekend, and that wedding is going to be amazing!! I hope you will share some highlights.

  3. Gave you an award today on my Sunday post...stop by to take a look

  4. this is so sweet.

    congratulations on your award.

  5. Found you via Tina at The Enchanted Home. I love your beautiful header and remember those days with an active toddler (or two) running around. It is truly exhausting - but enjoy - they'll be taller than you before you know it!

  6. omg that pool and housecastle....dumb!


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