Hadley: The first blue and white

Morning y'all! So on Monday I posted these loverly rooms from the fabulous Leta Austin Foster and she happened to see it and left a comment! Squee! If y'all haven't visited her blog Decorating With Sheets, you must. She's obviously a seasoned, very established designer so to be able to see a glimpse into what inspires her is incredibly valuable to someone like me who is really just learning about design.

Soo as I was flipping through Miss Foster's section of the Farrow & Ball: The Art of Color book (it's such a beautiful book), I stopped at this kitchen:

Of course, it's lovely and totally my style, but upon closer inspection I noticed that the owners had Hadley Pottery above the stove! 

I grew up with Hadley Pottery! My grandmother collected it and passed it down to my mom, and so on the rare occasion I see it in someone else's home, I feel a sense of family that only Hadley collectors understand.  

Edward's First Hadley: Gifts from The Suze
(Notice my husband has used Edward's mug to store his golf tees).  According to the Hadley Pottery web site, it began after Mary Alice Hadley created a set of custom dishes for her family's houseboat on the Ohio River in 1939.  It was such a hit among friends and family that she turned it into a business (such a modern woman). 

The extremely durable pottery is still made in Louisville, Kentucky using clay native to Kentucky and Indiana.  What was once only available in little boutiques across the country is now available on their web site (hurray!)  They have so many adorable and whimsical patterns to choose from and they're fun to mix and match.  

They even do custom work

The signature "Hadley Blue" started our family's original love of all things blue and white.  This will always be sentimental to me and a true family heirloom (or my middle name isn't Hadley*).  In fact, I'm going to steal The Suze's collection start my own collection so my children will know the joy of eating on Hadley Blue just as I did.**

As a kid this was my favorite bowl

* And yes, my middle name is Hadley.
** Mom, that means pack up what you're not using and send it to me.

So, tell me, are there any other Hadley collectors out there? I'd love to see how you use it in your home!


  1. love love LOVE! this makes me so happy!

    and for those of you wondering - The Suze named her first born after the plate. This was no coincidence or family name, just luurrrv!

  2. That's so great that you are starting your own collection! I do things like that to pass down to my kids when they get married :)

  3. I love Hadley pottery..and I love Edwards little collection and your growing one too. The kitchen featured is soo beautiful too, and I am going to go and visit her blog asap.
    Thanks for the heads up.

  4. I love giving this as a first anniversary gift. I got one myself 25 years ago and have loved it ever since. I need to get to the Little House Shop and get some more.

  5. Hi Jeniffer! Great post. Love these plates (and all Hadley Pottery) almost as much as my "Les Santons." Keep up the good work!
    XOXO Leta

  6. Thanks so much for featuring Hadley in your blog post. What a beautiful collection you've featured...and thanks to everyone who left comments about their love for Hadley...it's a very special brand. Your blog is wonderful and we enjoy following it! If we can ever be of help to you or your readers, email us at discoveringhadley@yahoo.com
    --Jennifer (Hadley Director of Marketing)


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