Slims Aarons Nursery and Other Big Pics

I looked upon this nursery with covetous eyeballs when I saw it on the D Home blog the other day.  Y'all know I love that Slim Aarons and his photographs of fancy people being fancy.

The large mural comes from a London-based website called Surface View.  They sell ready-to-buy canvas prints, wall murals and blinds.  They can also do custom orders as well.  You have to be careful with wall murals because they can easily look cheese-tastic HGTV Design Star-ish. Here are a few of their large ready to roll murals that I think would be cool in a room.  I'm in a mood board mood so let me know which one's your fave and I'll maybe do a mood board around it! 

Chart of London City and The River

Yellow Peony

Winds over the Oceans

Study by James Miller



  1. Oooh I'm digging that yellow peony and the wind over the oceans thingamabob!! I'd love to see you style a mood board around it! ~Melissa

  2. LOVE the mural!! Fabulous.....and I love your comment, so funny about the velvetta cheese potatos "au gratin"....who knew velvetta and Duncan Hines traveled in such fancy circles? Hahaha....

  3. know how i feel about a mural..and i have actually admitted to enjoying that peony mural in the past..but i have to say that wales mural is kind of i vote that one.

  4. i don't care for any of the murals... but i wouldn't be surprised if you could change my mind for any of them with a mood board!


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