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Hey y'all! Who's ready for the weekend? Meee! I'm taking the day off to hang out with The Suze and my dad.  Thank you to Joanna Salinas from for writing this guest post and providing these gorgeous images. Hope y'all have a lovely weekend!

{Sundrenched Rooms for Summer} 

Summer is the time to soak up as much sun as possible. Sunny, sundrenched rooms in cool palettes feel like summer all year round. Large windows in a bathroom, skylights in the kitchen, a wall of French doors in a living room all fill a room with gorgeous sunlight. And who couldn't use an extra dose of sunshine in their lives? Nothing brightens up a room like natural light and shines a spotlight on all your best interior design ideas.

Ann Sage (via)

A wall of French doors allows the sun to pour into this living room. Cool toned neutral furnishings make the room feel light and airy while darker wood accents anchor the space.

My Home Ideas (via)

This sundrenched bathroom has a tub with a view. The sunny yellow cabinets make the room feel even more cheerful.

Ann Sage (via)

Windows on two sides of this room and an all white color scheme create a sun-filled space that feels cool and fresh. A great view of the sea doesn't hurt either!

Create Girl (via)

Incredible wall of windows! Simple furniture in neutral colors won't compete with the beautiful architectural detail.

Interiorly (via)

Creams with coral accents make this sunny space feel warm and inviting, a great living room design idea. A comfortable sofa looks like the perfect place to curl up in the sun and read... or nap.

Photo Ave (via)

This bedroom is not only sun-filled, but the screen walls make this room feel more outdoors than indoors. The hanging bed is interesting. Wonder if it is like sleeping in a hammock.

Coco Cozy (via)

Skylights flood this kitchen with sunlight and tons of natural light. Large windows and French doors allow additional light to make this kitchen feel bigger.

Hahoy (via)

An incredible sundrenched bedroom that is more windows than walls provides many decorating ideas. Windows on three walls and an arched ceiling with another window flood this room with light. Almost like sleeping outside.

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  1. All beautiful, especially love the second bathroom. Enjoy your dat off Jennifer!

  2. Jennifer -
    These are lovely examples of summer inspired rooms.
    I read a comment you had left on another design blog, and it was almost a mirror image of what I was thinking!
    I'll definitely be following your blog!

  3. Beautiful, I wish I were anywhere in the photos - sun drenched place.
    It's cold and rainy in down under. (sigh~)

    Thank you for the posting,



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