Dream Lake House

Mitchell Cottage in Vogue via Habitually Chic

I've had lake houses on my mind all week.  We just returned from a fun weekend at Missouri's Table Rock Lake, which is a gorgeous lake in Branson. As much as I love the beach, having a second home  only a couple hours away makes much more sense.  However, you'll see from this post, I haven't totally abandoned my beachy style.

And now you will see what a huge nerd I am.  When I get inspired, I love to do a mood board.  It gets the bee out of my bonnet.  Well, this week, I was real inspired.

I don't need much when it comes to a lake house.  A big kitchen, open family room, a couple of bedrooms and, of course, an amazing view.

Sunset view from our friend's dock

While I'd love a big white house like in the first image, I also love the quiet coziness of this little cottage. 

via Pinterest 

A big, open, white kitchen is a must for me because I love to cook. 

Southern Accents

Traditional Home 
Hopefully, the kitchen opens up to a big family room. 

Cococozy via Pinterest
Ooh I have to add a sleeping porch! 

Laura Resen Photography 

And now for zee moodboardz ...

Lake House Living Room 
 White walls, white painted wood floors, slip covered seating (for dirty lake-covered children to roll around on), lots of blue and white, and don't forget the dog bed.

Lake House Bedroom 
Rustic furniture mixed with elegant monograms, blue and white bedding, beautiful view and a picture of two puppies cuddling.

Lake House Bunk Room 
Simple bunk room for all of the little kiddies to stay. (Yep, I incorporated a mural. What do you think yay or nay?)

Lake House Guest Bedroom 
I love gray and white stripes (I used them in my son's nursery) and I found these gorgeous headboards, which I'm sure I'll never be able to afford.  I also loved this framed vintage prescription print from Jayson Home and Garden (they seem to be having a mayjah sale right now). 

So there you have it, my dream lake house! What do you think? Would you come play? 


  1. I LOVE your mood boards, Jennifer. You're such a talented and creative lady. I would definitely come and play at your lake house - as long as the sleeping porch is reserved just for me!

  2. We are soooo kindred spirits, if I were to design a mood board for the ultimate lake house mine would look just like yours, scary or what???? LOVE what you put together, may I come for a visit? I will bring wine, Scrabble and tons of food thats bad for you, lol.
    Love this and am bookmarking it under favorite posts, one day I am going to do a big post on some of my favorites posts for people to go visit and this my fellow nerd friend will be one of them:)

  3. um i LOVE THIS POST!!! it makes me so happy!!! everything about it is just perfect!

    it has to be big enough to house all of us because i will be spending every major holiday there!

  4. LOVE IT!!! The boards are perfect! I would die for that Southern Accents kitchen!

  5. i LOVE this one too!!!! it has everything blue and white i would ever want!!!!

    I say we all pitch in (watsons/roberstons) and build a house like this so we can spend the holidays together!!!!... in my dreams...


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