Creole Country House

Hey y'all! Hope you had a lovely weekend.  First, I'd like to thank Tina at The Enchanted Home for including one of my posts in her roundup of Pretty Posts to Ponder.  It's such an honor to know someone out there likes something I post, especially Tina who has amazing taste! My standard for what goes on my blog is pretty much whether or not I like something, so when someone besides me takes the time to recognize a post in a comment or on their own blog it thrills me to no end!

Speaking of Enchanted, I'm completely enchanted by this Creole country manor in this months Garden & Gun (a great magazine for people who love the South).  I've literally read the article six times.  I've always been fascinated by the Old South so I'm in awe of the fact that this beautiful home is around 200 years old.  I love the brick-walled ground floor, the deep front porch and the blue shutters.

The owner is an antiques dealer who filled the home with items passed down from his own family.

Gorgeous copper pots, open shelving and farmhouse sink give the kitchen a rustic but elegant charm.  

Something about the old doors, walls and floors gives me comfort. I could never be stressed in a place like this, perhaps because of the history of the space, reminding me it's been around longer than I have.

I love the brick floors, tall ceilings and tall french doors. 

This quote from the article perfectly describes my feelings toward things and collecting:

“There’s no sense in hyperventilating over things. People and feelings are always more important, although things are important too. It’s a conundrum. I have a lot of my family’s things out in the country. I will tell you that when I stir my coffee with one of my grandmother’s silver spoons, it does make me happy. When I sit in a chair that my father gave me that came out of our house, it does make me happy. It’s a Southern thing. That attachment threads us through to our roots.”

Maybe it's the oppressive heat that has me longing for the old home we used to stay in during our summers in Georgia.  It was so hot you had to relax, the humidity literally forced you to lie down.  

To read more of the article from Garden & Gun see here.  (I highly encourage you to read it.  It's short, but full of great quotes like the one above) 


  1. Love the quote you included! It definitely reminded me of growing up in the South and being the lucky recipient of many passed-down beauties for our home!

    Come by and my Hello Mellow giveaway if you like!

  2. I love the brick floors too - so unique!

  3. LOVE this post....being from the south originally I also take great pride in the kind words you bestowed upon "Southerners"....and I love love love that quote, how true it is! I even started using my sterling for every day meals..I mean why not, otherwise it sits there till Christmas or Thanksgiving and you know what..everything tastes better because of it!
    I love the home, so rich in history and obviously filled with many beautiful and sentimental things.....gorgeous, gotta get myself a copy, looks like its worth the search!
    And thank you soooo much for your kind words, it was my pleasure to include your gorgeous post! Everyone LOVED it......always a treat visiting here.


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