Windsor Smith Inspiration

With my rumbly tumbly little rascal moving at a freakish pace toward walking, I think I'm feeling extra nostalgic for all things girly.  I mean, I'm so glad I have an adorable rambunctious little boy, but I'm having visions of smelly sports equipment and first aid kits all over my house for the next 18 years.  So I turned to one of my favorite designers Windsor Smith for some girly fabulousness.  I know most of y'all have probably seen these images from House Beautiful before, but I have to repost them because they make me happy and really that's the only reason I write this blog because no one's paying me yet.  She might be my favorite designer at the moment.

Love the colors in the family room.  Nothing that would drive you crazy after awhile.

Fabulous Foyer 

An Eat-in Kitchen

Pink Hermes Blanket? Pink Velvet Chaise? Yes Please! 

That Chair 

One of my favorite powder rooms 

Apparently, this is in the master bath.  I always thought it was an entryway.  Very fancy. 

I will love this room forever and ever.  

I think I need a little pink in my life.  Something the piano might get painted pink this weekend.  I hear the little munchkin waking up early from his nap.  Have a lovely Wednesday (I thought yesterday was Wednesday all day, so lucky me I get to do it again!) Tootles y'all! 

P.S. Know that every time you see the letter "t" in this post, I copied and pasted it because it is not working on my computer.  That's dedication y'all.  


  1. Love Windsor Smith....beautiful, elegant and so inviting! So impressed with your dedication about those '"t's", honestly cant' say that I would have had the patience (take that back, I am a bit OCD and a perfectionist so yes I would have) Have a great day....

  2. This place is so wonderful. It has that perfect blend of feminine without going overboard. I bet your son would totally approve :)


  3. I love her work! I probably wouldn't want to leave home if I own a house like that!


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