Suzeday Tuesday: Kitchens

Since we're on the topic of kitchens, here is some kitchen inspiration from The Suze.  This goes back 30 years so I don't have sources for everything, but when in doubt, it's probably from Southern Accents.

I love the next kitchen because it belonged to one of my best friends growing up.  My mom saved it for her files before I met her (I met her when I was in first grade so that should tell you how old it is!).  I had a lot of yummy meals in this kitchen after playing mermaids in their pool and making up dance routines to Annie Lennox.

Love this range and the classic subway tile

This is a great kitchen for a small space.  Love the barrel vaulted ceilings, Sub-Zero refrigerator and reclaimed wood floors.

I tried to put two pages together so this may look a bit wonky, but I know the Suze loved the built-in storage in this kitchen.

This looks familiar.

 Love the openness of this kitchen.  It's so clean and white and airy.

Other Kitchen Elements from The Suzeday Files 

Colefax Wallpaper

Special Flatware Drawer 

Lots of Special Storage Spots 

Blue and White Tile 

Coffee Bar and Banquette

I would like a coffee bar in my bedroom so as to minimize the time between waking up and getting the caffeine into my body.  In fact, if I could have an intervenous drip of caffeine actually wake me up from my sleep that would be ideal.  

*This post took me four hours to write because I have an 8 month-old whose brain is telling him he can walk, but his little body is obviously not developed enough to actually balance on those tiny toes.  He is my new exercise plan.  I just hover over him trying to mitigate some of the bumps and bruises that he's going to get.  We are soo not ready for this.  


  1. i swear that childhood kitchen looks familiar to me...

  2. BEAUTIFUL post!!!!! Love every single image so you and I think alike! Absolutely gorgeous images...cannot wait to have my kitchen..more than anything else, that is what miss the most..making wonderful things happen in my favorite room of the house!
    Your 8 month old sounds like a handful...enjoy it though it goes by way way too fast!

  3. MFAMB - It's from a house in Dallas on Beverly Drive owned by the Kennedy's (no relation to The Kennedy's - at least I don't think)

  4. It reassures me that some of these kitchens are decades old, yet still look amazing. It seems like the countertop material is what changes the most with time, and therefore 'dates' a kitchen the most. In the 80s it was corian, in the 90's through the early '00s it was granite, now marble is in. The white and cream cabinets are timeless, I think.


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