Suzeday Tuesday: Dressing Rooms & Vanities

I was a very vain little child.  I already shared how I cried the first time my mom did my make-up because I couldn't believe how beautiful I looked.  She also used to get me to eat my vegetables by telling me they would make my hair curly and shiny or my cheeks rosy.  I probably would have made a good pageant child.  

Then I hit the awkward stage...hard ( I promise when I find a good pic I'll share it). Thank God I did, otherwise I wouldn't have developed my smarts and stellar personality.  I would have just coasted on my beauty.  The Suze and I both still love our make-up and products and pretty clothes.  Soo here are The Suze's dressing room and vanity inspiration files. 


  1. LOVE it! I don't think the Suze understands what your Suzeday files are actually doing for her... YEARS of magazine tear outs organized perfectly and beautifully to the tune of how you see fit - which I believe is the best!

    I love it all :)

  2. You are so right, we do have the same taste, I am in love with each of the exquisite dressing rooms and would be oh to happy to primp in any one of them, love how old world elegant they are and sooo feminine! So funny about you crying the first time you saw your mom in makeup..that is so sweet!! You were quite the little ham when you were little, I can see it in those eyes:) I think your son gets it honestly! Very cute.....


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