Suzeday Tuesday: Bedrooms

The Suze doesn't have too many master bedrooms in her files.  This is probably because she has the world's most comfortable bed and thus change is not a priority.  I, however, have beds on the brain because, really, all I want to do in life is sleep.  So I pulled the bedroom files I do have and am sharing them with y'all!

First up, this gorgeous blue and white canopy.  I still like the look of a repeating pattern and I'm pretty sure The Suze has this fabric on something, but I can't remember what it is.  My eye is drawn to that beautiful bedskirt.

Next, bunk nooks.  This is undoubtedly her vision for a beach of lake house.  I love bunk nooks.  Notice the curtains, the shelves and the pretty paneling.

Another pretty nook.  I'm not a big yellow person, but I do love yellow and green together like it's done here.  I'm obsessed with hiding in nooks, which is bizarre, I know.  

Gorgeous guest room.  I love the paneled storage and the way the twin beds fit into a cozy alcove.

More blue and white.  That chaise looks cozy.  Once again, I picture myself sleeping.

Finally, a gorgeous check.  I actually saw this image on The Enchanted Home yesterday! The Suze would say, "great minds think alike!" 

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  1. Oh I do love your vision for a bedroom..what is it about those cozy nooks that get us every time? They are so incredibly inviting and ridiculously cozy looking!! LOVE that first room...what a vision..I might never leave if that was my room. I cannot wait to have a goregous sumptious master bedroom the end of the day we all deserve a special room where we truly can decompress and get away from the chaos of life!!!! Glad you included that last one in your lineup...I love it too:)


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