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Hey y'all! Hope everyone had a nice Father's Day weekend.  I must start this post by saying Happy Anniversary to my darling Kip! We've been married two whole years! Ha! It seems like yesterday that we celebrated with all of our friends and family.  It will always be one of the best days of my life (and best parties too!)

I got my July-August issue of Veranda this weekend.  I had a moment to browse the pictures.  Here are some that caught my attention:

Loving the backyard of this Dallas home designed by Michelle Nussbaumer.  I love a lemon tree amongst blue and white.

This California pool house is pretty fab as well 

I'm going to plant a cutting garden like this one so I can always have fresh flowers 

Then there's this fun bahamas house.  yOu can't tell from the scan, but the exterior of the house is this beautiful lime green.  

I'm intrigued by this bathroom and wish I could see more.  

There's also a little piece on exotic tile that I'll be keeping for my files, for the dream house I'm building in my mind.  

This post hardly does the issue justice.  Go get it! There's so much more I wanted to include, but as I type this my child is playing in the dog bowl.  Gotta run! 

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  1. What a gorgeous wedding it looks like you had! Love your dress too. Can't wait to get my copy..Veranda is getting better and better and this one doesn't look like it disappoints either!


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