Hump-Day Happies: Claridge & King Button Down

I'm starting a new series called Hump-Day Happies whereby I post something that makes me happy and I think you must have.  It will obviously be a material thing, because as much as I love sunshine, laughter, puppies and baby thighs, y'all want to know about something you can go out and get yourself.  Right? Right. Think of me as Oprah telling you about my favorite things, only I'm not giving you free stuff.

For today's Hump-Day Happy, I give you my favorite Claridge and King His is Hers cotton button down.  The geniuses at Claridge and King took a classic men's button down and tailored it to a woman's body making it narrower at the waist with longer tails.

It comes in blue and white stripe, charcoal gray, light blue, pale pink and white.  

The shirt is delivered in an adorable gray and white striped pillowcase with a mother-of-pearl button.  It can even be monogrammed (whoot!)  I wear mine to get ready, over shorts or as a swimsuit cover-up.  I gave them to my bridesmaids to wear when we got ready for the wedding.  I loves it very, very much and would like to order them in every color or receive one for free for my kind words (blue size medium) ... shameless. 

Have a happy hump day! The weekend's almost here y'all! 


  1. Very cute! Being the button shirt aficianado that I am, I am going to check them out, like the idea of the tapered waist, any detail to make the waist smaller works for me!! I like the sounds of the packaging too (another fetish), so for a shamelss blogger looking for free loot- you did good, lol!

  2. oooo looking into these as we speak! lovee

  3. I'm glad you posted this. I've admired yours before, but didn't realize it was a women's shirt. I just thought you were able to pull off a men's shirt very nicely.


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