Coral Velvet Delight

Hey y'all! So over the weekend in a fit of design blogger nerd-dome awesomeness, Jenny of MFAMB and I decided to make dual mood boards based on a delicious coral velvet headboard she found on Craigslist for Washington DC.  In case you haven't heard, Jenny has magical Craigslist prowess and manages to find beautiful things that us amateurs could never uncover.  For all my KC peeps, you must go here and see what she did with our notoriously lame Craigslist last week.

I must confess, I make mood boards when I'm stressed out or bored, so this was a fun work-job for me.  (The Suze used to call crafts and stuff work-jobs when we were little). So given that I have a teething, runny-nosed 9-month old, I made two mood boards while he slept on me (the upside of a sick baby is that they're super cuddly).

The first one was almost too easy.  It's how I would use it in my room if I had enough dolla bills.

In this next one, I tried to challenge myself to play with color and do something a little outside my usual style.  I went with a coral, gold and gray color palette and found this amazing art deco french rug on 1st Dibs that pulls it all together.

Now head on over to MFAMB and see what she did with the coral velvet deliciousness (it's real good).

Thanks Jenny! xo


  1. the rug in the 2nd mood board kicks ass! i also have these colors (& others) going on in my living room so love!!!

  2. 1st dibs is my happy place.

    these moodboardz kick ass.

  3. love these! especially loving that 2nd one.

    i owe jenny millions of dollars because i actually scored the lucite tables she spotted and they look perfect in my place!!

  4. Love your vision of the first mood board..right up my alley!! Love every single element- well done!

  5. I neeeeed that turquoise bamboo chair. Can you kindly email me the source?

    erika at earthlink dot net


  6. Ok your mood boards are seriously GORGEOUS, and I love love LOVE your blog header! Yay! I found a new design blog to love and admire! You went to law school you say? ME TOO! You have a baby you say? Well I'd love it if you came on over to see me sometime at -- I write about Children's Books and every Tuesday I do Tiny Tot books for babies and toddlers to enjoy :) Aloha, Melissa

  7. So much pretty at 7am. That first board made me put down my coffee ( yeah that's right) and use both hands to look hard. Beautiful. Love your blog. I had to go all the way back to the beginning to find out who the Suze was........anyway I will be back. I am a southern girl also and Southern Accents was why I started my design career 20 years ago. I used to rip every page out for my files. The recession has not been good for shelter mags.

  8. So glad to have found your blog, that buddy of mine, the fabulous Jenny, always points me in the right direction! Your boards are beautiful, I'm especially enamored with both of your rug choices.

  9. Jenny pointed me your way! Love your moodboards. And, I'm with Nelya, those rugs are fabulous. I like that chandelier in the 2nd moodboard too -- I have the same one hanging in my dining room!

  10. Love these, especially the second one. And the rugs are insane.

  11. Ooh, these are good. The second one is my favorite. Love that punchy coral.


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