Suzeday Tuesday: Vignettes

Hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! I thought for this Suzeday Tuesday, I'd do something a little different.  You see, every time I come home The Suze has rearranged the furniture and created new little vignettes.  So I thought I'd share a few. Enjoy!

The Suze would like to know if anyone wants to play antiques roadshow and tell her what these little German people are  called and if they're worth lots of money.  

Who's watching Million Dollar Decorators tonight??? I can't wait!!


  1. I have my TV set to record it just in case I miss seeing it, you know how time gets away from you throughout the day. Love all the blue and white in your home it is a classic and it is stunning,Kathysue

  2. Hi Suze, I adore blue & white, and will try to watch!! Yay!

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    Art by Karena

  3. oh my gosh - so glad you reminded me! excited for the show. and looove these vignettes. i have a little collection of chinese urns on top of a dresser in our bedroom, so i'm crushing on these. loving that huge fish, too! so playful and unexpected.

  4. Well you tell "The Suze" she is a gal right after my own heart!! Every one of those pictures is not only sooo my taste but could sooo be in my own home!~ BEAUTIFUL!!

  5. I love your house and I love your blog! I inherited my grandmother's Blue Willow china years ago and have been collecting blue and white ever since. I also collect blue Herend, which I notice that you have. Among my other collections are Staffordshire cottages and old bamboo furniture; again, I see that you have these things in your house, too. I look forward to following your blog closely from now on. BTW, I live in Dallas and see that you grew up in H.P. By any chance, did you grow up on Belclaire? Just wondering…..

  6. Hi Katharine! It's always fun to meet a fellow friend of the Blue & White! I did not grown up on Belclaire, but my best friend lived there as a child and I've always loved that house. It has given me a great deal of inspiration over the years and it was the first time I saw design happen on a grand scale (when she moved from her toddler bed to a big girl bed, it was pretty impressive). Thanks for visiting! And I hope Belclaire House continues to inspire blue and white lovers everywhere :)

  7. Love you, love Edward, love your blog and love the Suze! You are a girl after my own heart! Thanks for providing beauty and smiles!
    Theresa Lowrimore


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