Our Sweet Casserole, We'll Miss You

Casserole 2005 - 2011

This is the saddest post.  I can hardly write it.  Our beloved golden retriever Cassie passed away this morning.  We don't know what happened, she just didn't wake up.   It is so incredibly hard to lose a dog, especially when they go too early.  She bubbled over with love and happiness and her loss leaves a giant, gaping hole in our hearts.  

My sweet beautiful Cassie, we will miss your smiles, your cuddles and your love. 


  1. i love you casserole and i miss you so much..

  2. Jennifer....OMG I seriously dont' know what to say, what a beautiful dog, and I cannot imagine how you must be feeling, numb I am sure. I am sooo soooo sorry. I know how they are truly like a part of your family as much as a sibling is, every bit as much. They become such a huge part of our lives. Those pictures are wonderful and I hope will help comfort you as your mourn the loss of your beloved friend and pet. I know no one will be able to take Casseroles place (love the name) so I hope you will find comfort in keeping memories alive of your time together. So sorry : (

  3. I'm so sorry to hear about your dog! It's so tough losing such sweet, loveable companions. :(

  4. Oh, this is so sad. I am facing the same thing soon.
    I hope that you will feel better soon.
    Thank you for your sweet comment.

  5. so sorry to hear this. she looks like such a sweetheart! losing a pet is soo soo difficult. wishing you lots of strength and comfort as your heart heals. ox

  6. i am so so sorry to hear that. i know how heart raping that is. soul crushing. hang in there. cry it out. it gets better.

  7. i am so so sorry. i loved all the pictures you shared - she is in puppy heaven looking down on you. hang in there.

  8. casserole i still miss you every day you truly were a one of a kind.. i love you


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