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First, thank you all so much for your sweet comments here and on facebook.  Yesterday just plain sucked.  I spent half the morning crying and the other half huddled in our scary unfinished basement with my little Edward and our dog (not Cassie, that would be creepy) listening to the tornado sirens and the TV meteorologist spot tornadoes all over my neighborhood.  None of them really touched down so we ended up being fine, but the stress of it all made me go out in search of Ho-Hos when the coast was clear.

Not the best idea 

I also picked up an Architectural Digest and thoroughly enjoyed the spread featuring Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne's new L.A. home designed by Martyn Lawrence-Bullard, whom you may remember from this post.  Remember these?

Yeah, that's their house. It's pretty fab and not at all like the home they lived in when they filmed The Osbournes, but still rockstar.  (Note: The Suze LOVED The Osbournes.  In fact, our family often gathered around the TV together to watch it.  We're intellectual like that).  Anyway, the entire issue is pretty fab, but I loved Sharon Osbourne's office the most.  It just looked like me (my husband would say it's because there is a dog in it, which may be partly true).

I also loved the office in this New York City home designed by David Kleinberg.

And while not an office, I can definitely see myself conducting business from this bathroom in all it's white gold-leafed mosaic tile fanciness.

But alas, I prefer to conduct business from the biscuit, and this one from the same New York home would do just fine (minus the cat - allergies - but add snuggly dog, a laptop and small diaper-clad child and I'm set).

Did anybody watch the last Oprah? I thought I would be sad, but it was a nice ending.  I watched it last night and then I fliiped over to Oprah's OWN Oprah Winfrey Network and fell asleep to the sound of Oprah's voice telling me I be be whatever I want to be.  She's not going anywhere y'all. 

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  1. Your way of comforting yourself is exactly my idea...ho hos
    and chocolate to the rescue always..and I like to throw in pasta with heaps of parmesan too, its a way to make myself feel better but dont' worry I don't mix the pasta, cheese chocolate..ewhhh! No...I start with the pasta as my main course, never to get too full, careful to be sure I am still hungry enough to enjoy and savor the yummy second course of chocolate, oh yes..always makes me feel better though I imagine nothing in the world can take away the pain of losing a beloved pet. Hope today you are feeling a teeny tiny bit better.
    Those interiors above are scrumptious! I can't wait to get my new issue...gotta hand it to the crazy Osbournes..they DO have amazingly good taste when it comes to home decor, I remember lusting after their kitchen in their old was soo gorgeous!


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