Moroccan Scott & Monroe's Nursery

via The Well Appointed House 

No, not Scott from Morocco.

and no, not this guy.

Mariah Carey's twin bebes duh! She may have chosen questionable names (after the frustrating ordeal of trying to name my own child I have vowed never to judge another person's baby name, but an adjective name? hmmm it's just, well, new). However, she did a pretty fancy job gussying up the nurseries and me likey. Espesh the giant giraffe, the little canopies over the cribs and the fresh green and white color scheme.  I'm excited to pick up an issue of Life & Style to see more! 


  1. Love this nursery. So cute, beautiful and comfy. She didn't go too over the top, even though it IS over the top.

    I keep thinking of you/your blog because of a spread in the May issue of Bazaar. Have you seen it? Make sure to check it out...its on page 84 and is clothing in azure-and-white motifs, "Neo Navy" they named the spread! xo Emily

  2. im loving her kids nursery. its a fresh,calm look and its seems nice and peaceful. it looks absolutely stunning and i would so love my kids to have a nursery like that. and btw your blog is absolutely amazing


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