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Good morning y'all! I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend.  I feel like I've been gone forever.  As you know The Suze was in town last week and then I flew to Tampa to give my dear friend Lindsay a baby shower.  You may remember her nursery moodboard I created for her.  I'll have some pictures later this week of how she interpreted my ideas for her little baby man, as well as a few from the shower.  I also hope to have more Suzeday Files for you as well.

Today, I have may faves from the May/June 2011 issue of Lonny.  It's full of inspirational goodies!

First up, the New Orleans home of Perch owner Caroline Robert.  If you read the blog Visual Vamp , you know all about Perch.  If you don't, then go check it out! I'm just going to go ahead and say this to get it out there in the Universe: People* in New Orleans have prettier homes than you*.
*You being me 
*People being those whose homes are in magazines, I realize this statement opens me up to a lot of comments about the less fortunate, but this blog is about fantasy not politics, ok.


I love when they show the outside of the home so you get the complete picture. 

Pretty Everything. 

Pretty. The little girl looks like my little sister. 

Pretty Faux Marble Mantel.

I thought after working in the Trump Tower that I hated pink marble.  Lonny, you proved me wrong.  

Pretty Pom Trim.

Yes! A blue and white bedroom! 

And then Lonny gives us this New Orleans home:

Pretty Pink Door & Blue Shutters! Stop it right now. 

Wierd! That's my future living room in my head.

The Walls.

Pretty corner arrangement 

Interesting seating idea 

See??  I know, right? 

I also really like the wallpaper in this nursery.  

Finally, I need this coffee table for the dressing room/office/mom cave I am building in my mind.  This may warrant a moodboard

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  1. I have died and gone to home heaven!!!!!!! This home is OUT OF THIS WORLD GORGEOUS....WOW oh WOW. I am in love, I like you, love when they show you the exterior too so it really gives you the whole picture and this house is perfection inside and out. The colors, the high ceilings, the architecture, the decor, everything exudes elegance, light, beauty and luxury. I just love love love it. Thank you!!!!!


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