French Blue Friday: Happy Baby Edition

And now for a happy post to send you off on your weekend.  What's happier than this guy!

Seriously.  I can't be sad for even five minutes around him.  He's just happy 24/7, especially with his best friend Reagan.  Edward had a big week this week! He turned 8 months (I can't believe it!), started crawling and pulling himself up to standing (oy vey), and discovered the dog is more fun than any of his toys.  I'm convinced his crawling was solely motivated by his need to bother the dog.

This picture took 45 minutes to take.  Sitting is for losers, he said. 

But enough about Edward (never!), let's talk about his outfit.  It's real fancy.  Too fancy to let him wear for any period of time, but I love it.  It was a gift from a very close family friend and I hang it outside of his closet so I can look at it everyday.  It's from a line called Baby Bespoke by Kathryn Beach, which features classic heirloom styles in luxurious 100% cashmere, as well as a few other fabulous sussies for the fancy baby.  Here are some of my favorites:

Baby Susie Hand Smocked Dress with Bonnet and Bloomers 

Benjamin Day Suit 

Bennet Day Suit 

Cashmere Coverall 

Gossamer Socks 

Cashmere Onepiece 

Victoria Hand Smocked Bubble 

Silver Cup 

I mean, really? Soo adorable! I love dressing babies up in classic smocked bubbles and such. These would make great gifts for the special baby in your life.  They're the kind of thing you can  pass down for generations.

Have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend!! Stay safe everyone! 


  1. Edward is really too cute for his own good and looks like he knows how to have a good time (I have three of them and let me forewarn you NOW....buckle up baby, its going to be a rip roaring fun but bumpy ride!!!!!!!!!!!!! (for mama that is, for them its all FUN FUN FUN) LOL......he is really cute, what a smile!!!!!!!!!
    Onto the clothes, my kind of style...going to check out the line and as luck would have it, need a great baby outfit, for my architects trusty and invaluable assistant (who he would be at a loss without) who just had a baby so I want something special......actually bought her something but its so late in getting to her that I need to hold onto to that gift as its way too small now and get her a new gift (pathetic huh?) so now going to check out this wonderful looking line, thanks this is a perfect reminder to get right on this gift before this baby hits college!

  2. Edward is PRECIOUS! and I really enjoy the smocked pink Baby Susie. It's perfectly named.

  3. he is so sweet. love the picture (totally worth the 45 minutes!!) enjoy your holiday weekend!

  4. What a little doll! Have a great holiday weekend! xo

  5. I'm pretty sure Cole had a few day suits. I'm sure they weren't anything super fancy, probably just hand-me-downs. Edward is too stinkin' cute. Call me when you get back for a play date!


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