The New Trad Home

So Lonny Magazine and Traditional Home spawned a giant baby digital mag they cleverly call Trad Home.  I say giant because it is long, like really long to the point where it began to test the limits of my ADD.  I like the new magazine.  I'm just not so sure it offers what I am looking for, which is basically Southern Accents.  I have a feeling I'll be waiting around for awhile for something like that to come back (although Veranda is showing potential to keep my love tank partially full).  Sigh....

That being said, y'all should still check out the new Trad Home.  There were lots of things I really liked in the magazine.  Upon first glance, these are the images that jumped out at me.  I need to go back and actually read it now.

Gray & White Striped Nursery (Loves it ... obvi) Perhaps, this belongs to my son's female counterpart and future wife?

Sara Gilbane 
 Fab Ultra-Femme Vanity Loveliness

Ryan Korban 
Fun Kid's Playroom.  I love the colors and all the soft corners so when your kid crash lands while playing Superman, he won't get hurt.

Jeff Andrews 
 Elegant and Classic.  I love the soft color palette and the two stripes detail on the sofa.

Sara Gilbane
Gold. Copper. Stripes. =  Young. Modern. Glam.

Sara Gilbane
 Lovely Desk Area

Lauren Gold and Sasha Adler 
 More Gray and White Stripes

Patrik Lonn
 Lovely Seating

Patrik Lonn
 Pretty Window Seat

Jayne and Joan Michaels 
Vanity +  Green Velvet Chair = Love

Amy D. Morris 
 Another Vanity + Blue and White Monogrammed Chair = More Love

Robert Passal 

 Peacock  Chair + Blue and White

Robert Passal

*Edit: I realized I sounded really grumpy in this post.  I actually really liked the magazine, probably more than any other online magazine, and did not convey that very well.  That's what happens when I blog after a long day of organizing.  I also tried to tell my husband how much I loved him, but instead the words that came out of my mouth were something to the effect of, "why are you standing so close to me?" 


  1. Wow so many gorgeous images in one post. That Jayne and Joan Michaels window seat is pure perfection..seriously I am loving that more than anything I have seen all day (and I have already made at least 30 blog stops so far) Gorgeous! I am going to go check out trad home only because I keep reading and hearing so much about it..not a huge online mag person but they are so popular that I have to keep an open mind....looks promising! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. That playroom is truly stunning. Though kids might not appreciate the “color talk”, I should say the room is one of the finest I’ve ever seen. Green walls maintain the room’s liveliness and all other earth colors make a perfect contrast. The toy shelving is wonderful too! Thanks for sharing nice concepts, which will surely inspire customized cabinets NJ lovers out there.

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