I'm ready for Spring! (random springy pictures)

Gorgeous Spring Tablescape from Carolyne Roehm's A Passion for Blue and White

It was a gorgeous weekend in Kansas City! I think Spring is finally trying to creep in, although as I type this I hear the weatherman in the background saying something about "dipping as low as the 20s." I choose to ignore him.

Southern Accents 

This weekend I found a house I liked, but sadly when we went to the "open house" it was very much closed with a SOLD sign in the front.  We're not really in the market for a new home quite yet, but we're always looking.

Love this entryway courtyard from Southern Living 

I realized though that if I were to have to move right now, it would be a monster pain to get this house in order.  So now I'm in mayjah Spring cleaning mode.  I tend to hoard and nest all Winter only to pitch everything come Spring (by pitch, I mean donate of course).  The only problem is I get really overwhelmed by the whole task.

Gorgeous table at my Bridesmaid's Luncheon in the Garden Room at the Crescent in Dallas.  Thank you Sara Fay at Todd Events in Dallas and big thank you to my Maid of Honor Jacquelin & her beautiful Momma Peggy for hosting!

If anyone has any cleaning and organizing tips, please share them! In fact, I'm so bad about cleaning I think I will post a daily organizing challenge to myself to hold me accountable.  Today, I will tackle the baby's cabinet in the kitchen, which is currently being shared with the wine and margarita glasses (I mean, really, it's time).  I'll let you know if I actually accomplish it tomorrow! Happy Monday!


  1. Well might I say your bridesmaids luncheon might teach Ms. Carolyn Roehm a thing or two....WOW oh WOW is that gorgeous..those topiaries in those blue and white containers are breathtaking..what a stunning idea. I may have to steal your picture for future inspriation!! Soooo beautiful..my favorite pic of all the above..and you are in some good company:)

  2. Thank you! Thank you! It was a beautiful luncheon!


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