I NEED a place like this to cook

Ugh why am I so high maintenance! "A barn?  To cook?" my husband would say.  But I need one.  Ina Garten has one.  All that space! This is an oldy but goodie from House Beautiful.

Can you imagine reaching for a pan without making a sound, and not having all of the other pans next to it come tumbling out?  It's the little things, people.  For more, visit House Beautiful here

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  1. I have always wanted something just like this. (Part time kitchen part time man cave)

    -Matt AKA Hasselfhoff

  2. A dream for sure...if I lived there I might never leave, just think my husband would never again have to complain "you are never home, where do you go all day"..haha....it is such a perfect, magical space, one of the prettiest I have seen all day, make that all week!


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