Guest Post: Arcadian Lighting - Coastal Interiors Bring Beauty of the Beach Home

Today is the perfect day for a guest post because I got nothin' y'all.  Actually, that's not true.  I have lots of pretty images in the archives, I just don't have the patience to put them in some sensible order.  So I'm thrilled to let the nice folks at Arcadian Lighting take over for me today.  They've got some purdy pics and great advice for bringing the beach into your home.  Yesterday I purchased some beachy frames and have been hanging a bunch of our pictures from our Sea Island trip so this post is very timely! Enjoy! 

Although it would be lovely to actually own a cottage or home on the beach, that isn't possible for most people. But wouldn't it be lovely to bring a little bit of beach inspiration into your home, even if you were in some landlocked city, miles away from the beach? It would be and it is doable to look towards coastal interiors to bring the beauty of the beach into your home.

Look towards certain color palettes like oceanic and turquoise blues, serene white and sandy browns. Textures can include linen, raffia and rope. You can even look towards certain lighting fixtures for inspiration and decorate your home with pretty hanging lights and paper lanterns for a beachy look.

Decorology {via}
This bedroom takes nautical décor all the way with beachy inspired bedding, nautical striped espadrilles...even a little wooden fish adorns the wall just above the headboard.

Decorology {via}
Well if the surfboard and starfish-adorned wall mirror doesn't inspire you, then perhaps the coffee table that looks like a bit of beached flotsam will? Bright greens, yellows and an azure blue surfboard compliment an otherwise neutral room.

Coastal Living {via}
This kitchen is absolutely astounding, but the best part is that pair of woven raffia pendant lights.

Belle Maison {via}
Beachy inspiration nearly overflows this living room. The wall is adorned with starfish and sea shells, while the blue and white fabric on a few of the floor pillows closely resemble coral.

Lilac and Grey {via}
The color palette of whites, creams, sandy brown and tan, along with a few little beach accessories (see the book ladder) create a serene scene in this interior.

Domino Magazine {via}
Certainly the color palette helps, but what's really gorgeous about this room is the hanging woven chair. It's like a hammock that you can curl up in!

Heather Thompson {via}
Everything about this dining area is inspired by the beach: from the scrolls with names of beaches around the world, to the table decorations, right down to the homemade pendant lights.

The Lennoxx {via}
A pretty ikat duvet and an actual view of the beach are the icing on this beautifully-decorated (bedroom) cake.

Until you can afford that second beach home, bring a little bit of the beach into the home you're in. Stick with nautical color palettes, textures and patterns and're at the beach.

Lindsey is a writer for Arcadian Lighting, a site that specializes in top quality lighting fixtures at extremely affordable prices. Come visit us today!


  1. Thanks so much for having us on your lovely blog. Glad we can offer some valuable beach inspired input! :)

  2. Love the nautical clean and so welcoming,nothing like a house by the beach..these interiors are just gorgeous!

  3. ANy idea where I can find this ikat duvet??

  4. ANy idea where I can find this ikat duvet??


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