French Blue Friday

A few things ...

First, how fun is this room from the April/June issue of High Gloss Magazine.  It's so girly and pretty!

I mentioned awhile ago that I was making favors for my best friend's lingerie shower in New Orleans.  I made little lingerie bags for everyone with a blue fleur de lis (for New Orleans) and charcoal gray grosgrain ribbon across the bottom (her colors are hydrangea blue and gray).  One of the other Maid of Honor's mother made the adorable cookies you see in the picture below.  Each dress was a different style!

Finally, I am loving my little french blue Baby Notes journal given to me by the same best friend whose bachelorette we were celebrating this weekend.  I actually have two because her mom gave me one as well, and I love love love them.  They're so pretty and simple and something that makes me happy when I see it laying around the house.  I use one to write down milestones and little impressions I have as I navigate this new journey through motherhood.  I'm now using the other one to record his sleep habits (or lack thereof) and eating habits so that we can get ourselves on a workable schedule that allows us both a little more sleep.

These notebooks are a great little gift for new moms.  My friend and her mother got them at Madison in Highland Park Village (in Dallas).  The owner loves blue and white as much as I do.  In fact, I did an early blog post about her gorgeous blue and white house, which was featured in the January issue of Veranda.  You can see it here.  I just had to end this blog post with the image that greets you when you visit the Madison website. It just makes me happy.  You should go check it out if you're on the hunt for something pretty :)

Have a lovely weekend y'all!


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  1. Wow I am impressed! The lingerie bags are creative and beautiful. Love those cookies too! Such a fun occasion..enjoy the fun event!


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