Easter Table Inspiration

While I absolutely love the stunning, over-the-top blue & white tablescape by Eddie Ross that I posted here on Wednesday, I came across another more subtle blue & white table setting that I think I love just as much if not more.  When it comes to styling, I tend to have a more is more approach. It's not even necessarily on purpose.  I'm just not very good at editing.  My brain doesn't work that way, but sometimes I wish it did and every once in awhile I would like to simplify things.

Of course, none other than the Goopster herself was part of this collaboration with Remodelista. Ugh, why is she so perfect? I regard her with a great deal of admiration as well as suspicion.  I feel like we'd probably be friends, I would just be her really messy friend whom she loves for being "such a spaz."

"Oh hi, yeah, I just threw this table together while I was practicing my Glee songs and doing backbends to harness my chi"

I'm pretty sure I need to have a set of these delftware Musical Monkey plates from Deborah Sears' Signature Collection for Isis Ceramics.  For more on this table setting, including sources visit Remodelista here.

Photographed by Simon Bevan for Remodelista 

Have a lovely weekend!

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  1. Very pretty...soft, rustic, casual and inviting....but I have to say I am still dreaming over that Eddie Ross table!


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