Praise for Peppermint Bliss

Ok, y'all have to check out the new issue of Rue Magazine to see the awesomeness that belongs to one of my favorite bloggers Bailey Quin McCarthy of Peppermint Bliss.  If you don't follow her blog already, do it 'cause she's funny and clearly talented.  I have a totally creepy blog crush on her.  Her Chicago home is featured in this months Rue and I love it.  It's young and fun, but also elegant and fancy with her gorgeous monogrammed linens and shmattering of antiques.  I love beautiful design that's not too serious and she does it soo well.  Here are my faves:

I love the colors, the Jonathan Adler pillows, and the LV trunk.  This would be a happy place during the harsh Chicago winters.  

Gorgeous wallpaper and monogrammed towels and then a serious dude to hang out with while you do your business. 

More beautiful linens and a smoking kitty. I would never get out of this bed....

... except to go stand in this closet and be all smug about my ladder and pink walls.

Puppy heaven
Fab right? I would give up a kidney for her closet.  On a completely non-creepy note, my best friend lives in her neighborhood so next time I'm visiting I may just have to take a stroll down the street and knock on her door.  At first she will be all, "ok this is weird" but then she'll see that I come bearing gifts of wine and cheese and Britney Spears tees and she'll be all "come in and tour my house" and good times will be had by all.

To see more of this adorable house, see the new issue of RUE here

To see more of Bailey Quin McCarthy's work, visit Quin B Studio and her blog Peppermint Bliss.

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