This is a serious nook. And I love it. 

This is how you get to it.  The door is secret and wallpapered.  Perfect.

This nook belongs to artist Meghan Boody.  You must check out the rest of her house in New York Magazine here.  It's crazy weird in an awesome way not a Sheen's Korner way ... or is it? 

Photography by Ofer Wolberger


  1. I need somewhere like this to run to as soon as Ryan comes home from work. "See ya Honey! Have fun with the kids. I'll be in my nook." If only, right?

  2. Dare to dream! Just 10 minutes, alone in a silent, pretty room. It's every mother's fantasy.

  3. That is sooo adorable and cozy, wow wish I had a tiny nook like that to run to and hide in when I am having an off day:) Such a cute space!!
    Stop by..doing an amazing giveway, a pair of Murano handblown glass lamps from Swank lighting!

  4. I love the nook! We had on off my sons room a few houses ago that i made into a mini room for him.

    I checked out her pad. Whoa! I love me some super artsy, but girlfriend ate too many mushrooms. It definitely had some cool funk going on, but the girl in the table creeped me out. On the bright side, I do feel pretty normal after seeing it.


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