My Special Place

In just a couple of days I'll be here!

That's my new house! Just kidding. It's the Beach Club at Sea Island! We've been going here for years with my family and friends. It's become a special place of happiness, family memories and self-reflection for me.

My beautiful sissy with her mentor and idol Billy Bingo

My brother and baby sister laughing at all the fools getting into "OOOOOO clickety-click 66" at bingo. (that's not me on the right, I swear).  P.S. Laura would want y'all to know she doesn't have braces anymore.
My favorite picture of my husband and me on the porch of our cottage.  That porch has seen a dance party or two.  (Yes, I know ... Emilio Estevez ... he gets it all the time when his hair's long. At least it's not the Warlock! ) 
The Suze and Dad enjoying life. 

For some reason this place gave me clarity in my 20's, and I made many life-changing decisions whilst sipping champagne on the beach at 11:00 a.m. (what? it's vacation!).  Now, I'm in my 30's (well just 30) and, for once, not searching for anything (except sleep and coffee).  I'm just excited to return to this wonderful place and build memories with my brand new family.

Last year, I was lucky enough to come back  with my husband and his family.  It was such a treat to share this beautiful place with them (and generous of them to share it with me).  Here are some images from the website of the Beach Club Cottage we stayed in last year.  It was fabulous!

The image is a bit fuzzy, but the color palette was beachy blues, greens,  gray and tans. Linen, florals and a sea grass rug made it more casual although still very elegant.  The painting above the fireplace hides the TV.  The room is very cool and open.  It was 112 degrees when we were there and the condo was a very refreshing escape from the heat. 

You can't tell from the picture, but the linen slipcovered dining room chairs were all beautifull monogrammed.  Also, from the other angle, the open entrance to the living room is framed by what looked like antique french blue shutters. 

The gorgeous pale blue master suite had a large bathroom and closet as well.  

My husband and I stayed in this room.  It was so relaxing. I loved the bed and the linen window treatments.  

My sister-in-law stayed in this room.  I loved the nautical decor and the big, cozy side-by-side beds.  

I hope to come back with lots of beautiful images for you.  Some of the properties here are pretty stunning, and there are lots of wonderful antique shops as well.  Posting might be light next week, but I'll do what I can.  

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