I'm Back!

Hey y'all! I can't believe it's been a week since my last post.  I had every intention of posting while I was on vacation, but then the whole lack of wi-fi got in the way.  I'm very good at relaxing though, it's one of my many talents, so I enjoyed the little hiatus from the blogosphere.  

Is this not the most relaxing view ever? 
Sea Island in March is totally different from Sea Island in July. I have to say, it was a little strange to not have 112 degree heat and overwhelming humidity forcing me into my lounge chair.  It was actually a bit chilly in the afternoons.  I'm not complaining though.  It was as beautiful as ever! I also avoided another Kansas City snow storm and had an excuse to keep hidden the Jennifer Aniston body that's hiding under my baby weight (it's not coming off the way it does for the movie stars, which I find totally shocking). 

I snapped a few pics of some pretty houses and lovely views for y'all.  

This house had gorgeous copper lining the roof.  I wish I'd gotten  better picture. 

Here it is bit closer

I love the big screened in porch. How gorgeous are the flowers? 

I love the smaller one-story houses in Sea Island as well.  

How about that lawn? It was beautiful! This house is on the beach believe it or not. 

This is the house we used to stay in.  It's being renovated and I cannot wait to see the finished result.  It was such a beautiful home that needed a lot of TLC. I'm so happy to see the new owners are keeping the architectural integrity of the home.  

The view while walking down Sea Island Drive.  There are so many beautiful old trees.  

I love all of the pink and green!

I've walked up and down this beach a hundred times.  I love that it's so quiet. 

In my opinion, the most beautiful house on the beach.
There happened to be a Southern Accents on my nightstand, and of course I found more beach house inspiration.  I miss that magazine so much.  Sigh...

I could get so tan in that backyard. 

blue and white love 
Finally, my little man saw the ocean for the first time.  There's nothing more amazing than watching him notice the waves and take in the greatness of it all.  One of my earliest memories is walking on the beach and getting my pink shoes wet while my mom took pictures.  I'm so thankful for that memory.

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