French Blue Friday

La Cornue CornuFé Stove, Provence Blue with Chrome & Brass

Me: (Testing the waters) Is $8,000 a lot for a stove?

Mister: A STOVE?????

Me: Yes, a french blue stove.

Mister: (silence)

Me: I mean, I cook a lot.

Mister: (silence)

Me: It's just so beautiful.

Mister: (silence)

Well, I didn't hear  a "no" in there :)

J. Lo's Kitchen in Veranda

The Kitchn

The Art of a Kitchen

via Color Outside the Lines 

via DecorPad 
Have a lovely weekend y'all!

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  1. One of my favorite subjects....european ranges! Love them. My lucky aunt has not one but TWO Le Cornues..then again she has a full time cook whereas in my home, yours truly is the cook. Her advice, was that its not very user friendly...did you know the burner/pilot is never off. That would make me nervous for when we go away,etc....also that they have an actual concierge for when you first get the stove to guide you to use it!! We looked at it and besides my hubby balking at the price (we were looking at the 60inch) we are deciding between the Ilve and the La Canche, both highly reputed and gorgeous as these pictures. You have great taste..and that blue is GORGEOUS.....


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