The Suzeday Files: The Back Yard, Back House and Garage

Ok y'all, The Suze actually used the term Blog Star in reference to herself.  She has also requested that the rest of her inspiration files be overnighted to us so we can share more.  She was at one point lost in a sea of magazine clippings on the couch.  I'm not kidding when I tell you she travels everywhere with them.  She blames it on middle child syndrome.  Whatever it is, it's good for us!

I'll start with a caveat, many of these images are from old magazines that The Suze has torn out and had in her files for years (I mean some of the images have big clunky TVs rather than flat screens so, like, ancient). I'll try to include the sources as best I can, but for the ones I'm missing (which will be a lot) feel free to let me know if you recognize them and I will credit them appropriately.

Now without further ado, I give you the back yard/back house/garage redo inspiration:

Courtyard, Stairs, Trellis

Southern Accents 
Convert the garage to an open indoor/outdoor cabana 

With awnings like these

Another indoor/outdoor room 

Huntington House Interiors, Photography by Margot Hartford 


Huntington House Interiors, Photography by Margot Hartford 

Lots of notes 

Designer Lars Bolander 

but probably a more modern television 

A little kitchenette 

Maybe a screened in version of this porch 

and maybe a porch above the garage off the second story 

An outdoor fireplace like these 

Photo by Greg West 

Jim Winer, Southern Accents 

A nice big, clean hedge to keep out the paparazzi 

Southern Living June 2008 

Raised garden next to the pool 

The Suze assures me this isn't all of it, but she didn't want to overwhelm me.  Stay tuned for more!

P.S. I just showed her a preview of this post for her approval and as she scrolled down she was saying, "Oh I like that.  Oh, yep, I like that too."  :)

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