this entryway by Danika Herrick of Gorgeous Shiny Things.

Nancy Stanley Photography
Love it.  When I came across her beautiful blog and saw this, it made my day.  I love the coral mirror against the blue and white wallpaper.  It's so simple, but really pops and would make me happy to walk into that house everyday. This entryway is part of a condo redo with a cute Valentine's Day appropriate story behind it.  I encourage you to read more about it here on her blog Gorgeous Shiny Things.  You'll find more pictures of this fab condo as well!

Schumacher's Chiang Mai Dragon in China Blue 

This is going into my Dream House file because I'm going to have a room in this Schumacher Chiang Mai Dragon wallpaper someday.  Hear that Mister, it's happening.

*I like to make bold, absolute proclamations to my husband so he knows I mean business. Then it gets into his brain and ten years from now he says, "Hey, I have an idea! Let's use a blue and white dragon motif wallpaper in here." and I'm all "You have the best ideas honey. What would I do without you!" Or something like that.  

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  1. Jennifer,
    Thanks a gazillion for posting this entrance!!! (Sorry, I meant to tell you earlier and but I have a house full of flu stricken males and they're very needy and keep distracting me from my blogging duties;) I so appreciate this!


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