Heather's Home Office Mood Board

First of all, this is my first mood board! I know right? I can't believe I haven't done one before.  I don't know why.  I see them all the time on other people's blogs and I like when they do them.  I guess I doubted my technical ability, which is 'turded because I was an advertising major and worked with such crazy software as Quark (do they still use that?). Anyway, I'm a little Charlie Sheen manic at the moment as I have just finished my first mood board and I'm all "Ohmygosh this is so much fun! I'm going to be crazy mood board lady now."

Ok, so Heather and her man share an awesome house in Chicago (not an apartment, a house).  They've done a super great job decorating it to be a sort of nautical, beachy retreat in the city.  As I mentioned earlier, he's a sailor and loves blue and white. She's a corporate event coordinator for the University of Chicago about to launch her side business as a wedding planner.  They have an open basement that she plans on making into her home office and has asked for some ideas.

These were her demands requests: calming, man friendly, a highboy table with stools and backs,  plasma screen over the fireplace, different shades of blue, silver as the accent color.

I've only seen the room once so I'm probably grossly over-estimating the floor space, but I do remember there were terra cotta tile floors.  I'm told the walls are now a grayish blue.  

Here's what I came up with!

Desk Area

Gold screen + black lacquer desk + blue & white chinoiserie lamp + slipcovered chair with awesome spotted pillow + seagrass rug + toile wastebasket {sources here}

So I sort of ignored Heather's request for silver accents (sorry Tushy), but I felt like it was competing with the terra cotta and I couldn't make it work so I went gold.   

Highboy Table Area 

dhurrie striped rug + round pub table + rattan chair stools + nautical map + nautical brass pendant + gorgeous bowl centerpiece {sources here}

Living Area 

dhurrie rug + simple white sofa + black and white kelly wearstler pillows + x side table + oval ring side table + concentric coffee table + mustard side chair {sources here}
So that's it! My first mood board(s).  I'm officially obsessed.  Hope y'all enjoyed it as much as I did.  

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Also, if you're in Chicago and need a wedding planner, my friend Heather is excellent.  She hasn't officially launched her business, but she's already doing work on the side.  Send me an email if you're interested and I'll put you in contact with her! 

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  1. Loooove everything you have put. Truly great looking. Love the seagrass rug, wicker stools, touches of blue and white, the geometric shapes to add a fresh and modern take...really loving it all...GREAT JOB!


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