Coastal Living 
I used to think I wanted twins.

You know the whole "get them over with in one pregnancy" statement that lots of non-pregnant gals (like my former self) like to throw around.

Coastal Living 
Then I got pregnant.

Marshall Watson via KC Spaces 
I soon realized that when all of the Hollywood celebrities I look up to said, "I love being pregnant, it makes me feel so much like a woman,"

Cathy Kincaid House Beautiful May 2009 
what they really meant was, "I feel like a whale, but I want all of you peasants out there to believe I'm loving it so you won't judge my amazing girth with your beady peasant eyes."

via Apartment Therapy 

And after having ONE beautiful, wonderful, sweet precious baby who sleeps a lot and barely cries,

House Beautiful May 2006
I learned that I was very silly for thinking it might be EASIER to have two.

My Home Ideas 
I still want twins though.

Ashley Putman via DecorPad 
Just not twin babies.

Elle Decor 
What do I love almost as much as babies?

Bunny Williams 
Besides my husband, puppies and coffee ...

Art For Kids 
Beds duh.

via Material Girls Blog 

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