Then Comes Baby In a Baby Carriage ...

My Nursery 
Yes, I painted those stripes myself.  It was a labor of love and evidence of just how excited I was to be expecting my first child.

My philosophy on nursery decor is this: make it your happy place.  Why? Because when you are up at 3:00 am changing your third diaper in four minutes while your husband sleeps soundly in the other room, you are going to need that happy place.  Also, babies are happy and exciting and fun and I believe a nursery should reflect that.

Like my wedding, this is another example of my vision becoming a reality.  I really wanted a room that was whimsical and playful, but not too babyish.  At the time, I was really into stripes, especially gray and white stripes.  My husband was very skeptical as he has proclaimed to "hate the color gray" - more on that another time (I looove gray).  Naturally, I ignored him.

Framed drawing of a house my husband drew in grade school 
Special booties and hat knitted by Great Grammy 
Framed shower invitation 
A bit of an elephant theme
Painted an old dresser to make a changing table
While many other design blogs find the Keep Calm and Carry On poster to be tired, I still like it and find it especially appropriate for a nursery. I liked the pop of color as well. 
A little Mary Alice Hadley to bring me back to my roots (my packing list for the hospital is off to the side) 
All of the furniture minus the crib is hand painted old furniture that we had around the house.

Lots of elephants just hanging out (Did anybody see the Oprah about elephants? Amazing!) 

Adorable elephant drawings from etsy shop Trafalgar's Square 

It's the little things
Given to me by The Mansion on Turtle Creek in Dallas when I dined there while I was pregnant. (I'm pretty sure they felt sorry for me because I couldn't drink the wine.) 
Some of the images that inspired the stripes.

 The Decorista 
The Gatsby House Judy Garland Room via The Decorista 
Belle Maison
For the record, my husband loves the gray and white stripes and has proclaimed the nursery to be his favorite room in the house.  Mine too :)

Thank you Laura S. Watson, 16 year-old photographer extraordinaire and all-around awesome sissy, for taking such wonderful pictures of our nursery and allowing me to share them.

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  1. i love the little elephants on the dresser near the framed shower invite. :)


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