The Suze's Dream House (of the moment)

My littlest sister is a curious one.  For as long as I can remember, she has browsed real estate listings both on the internet and in newspapers.  I remember one time telling her she needed to do her homework (with a 14-year age difference, I have "mom authority" over her).  I looked over to see what was keeping her from her scholarly duties and sure enough she was browsing listings for lake houses in the newspaper.

So no one was surprised when, on Christmas day, we were sitting on the sofas, laptops open (we're really bad about that) and little Laura says, "Y'all need to see this house for sale."  My other sister and I immediately pulled it up on our computers while The Suze panicked because she's not as quick on the keyboard as we are.  As soon as we saw it we knew we had to shut our lap tops and all gather on the same sofa to look at the listing together.

 Yes, The Suze was beside herself while looking at these pictures and did, in fact, do a couple of drive-bys.  It turns out, this Swedish-inspired home is owned by Dallas designer Shannon Bowers and was featured in the September 2008 issue of Veranda.  She transformed this 1930 Georgian home using pale blues and whites, vintage French light fixtures, whitewashed oak floors, Swedish-inspired pieces and French antiques.

As I was working on this post, I came across another blog post featuring a comparison of the Sotheby's photos with the Veranda photos.  She does a great job and I encourage you to visit her beautiful blog Boxwood Terrace.

For more beautiful photos and an interview with Shannon Bowers see Swedish Palette, Veranda.

For the Sotheby's listing, see here.

Here is a French-inspired kitchen by Shannon Bowers featured in House Beautiful.

Another Dallas home designed by Shannon Bowers and her friend, homeowner Stacy Hyde.

For more photos of this house, see Dallas Morning News.

Shannon Bowers is the daughter of Houston designer Pam Pierce, who also has a beautiful home you can see here.

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