Wisteria Online Warehouse Sale (lots of blue & white!)

Wisteria is having their online warehouse sale so I thought I'd share a few of my favorite deals. There is tons of blue and white included and at really good prices if you are on a budget. This post isn't sponsored, I just happen to really like Wisteria and good deals. Hope you find something you like!

Americana Chest - I would love this for my son's big boy room! (He's trying to decide whether he'll let the new baby use his crib that he hasn't slept in in months.  I have interpreted this as a decorating challenge.  He's a future man, so giving up his crib has to bed his idea of course).

Hand-painted Blue Cornflower Bowl - I don't know why, but I've wanted this bowl for awhile!

Bullet Glass Table Lamp - I love this lamp! It would be a nice twist in a super traditional room, like my living room perhaps?

Merriment Pot - Because Blue & White Merriment is always nice

Hulu Vase - For Blessings and Wealth (and generally good decor)

Scallop Plates - Because Mermaids! (side-note: my neighbor is a writer and he just interviewed a Merman who lives in Topeka, KS and has to be carried everywhere when he's in his tail.  Apparently he will be at the Renaissance festival so now I have to go).

European Flax Linen Pillow Cover - Such a pretty blue

Swedish Pennant Chest - at $800, I think this is a steal.  And it would look great in so many different rooms.  I'm considering it for extra storage in my new bathroom (I have a makeup & beauty product hoarding problem).

Chinese Scenery Lamp - How do I not own a set of these?

Coral Napkin Rings - only $30 for a pair

Regal French Chandelier - for all my halls, classic

French Country Dining Table - I just love anything with a scallop detail! This take the whole farmhouse dining table look up a few notches.

Venetian Mirror - so pretty and these can get really expensive when you start looking around 

Flourished French Console - I have always loved this table, but I don't have a place for it ... yet.  Imagine this in a sunny spot with flower-filled blue and white porcelain all over it!

Six Drawer Notable Dresser - Notable indeed! Possible nursery contender?

Chinese Calligraphy Brush - Always a lovely decorating touch! I can have lots of breakable porcelain around the house, but this little guy would never survive my kids.  My very sweeet, creative kindergartner would totally zero in on this and make it his.  sigh!

Another Day, Another Bright, Fabulous Sea Island Cottage

As promised, another amazing Sea Island home for sale.  This one is completely opposite from the gorgeous, neutral house we stayed in this Summer, but equally fabulous.  I don't know which one I would choose if given the option.  It's a decision I'm sure we all would love to agonize over, right?

So many good design choices and fun details in this home! 

For more on this home, visit Sotheby's Realty

A True Sea Island Cottage

A funny thing about renting a cottage in Sea Island is that the homes are often more mansion-like than cottage-like.  There is a mix of styles and sizes, though the newer homes tend to be bigger.  But it's the lack of cookie-cutter theme that makes me love going there year after year.  There is always a new house to see or a new renovation to notice, which for a creepy house-stalker like me is a highlight of my vacation.  My sisters and I like to pretend we're in the market for a beach house and almost immediately upon arrival, we browse real estate listings and call dibs on houses.  I think we all agreed that if we could, we would pool as much cash as we could find and buy the last house we stayed in.  I would love to make the owners an offer they couldn't refuse.

But I also have dreams of buying one of the smaller homes on the market, the ones the real estate people like to call a "classic sea island cottage" akin to using the term bungalow to make a small home sound more appealing.  I love the idea of a cozy beach escape where we have room to lounge and sleep, but also are sort of forced to spend time together in a pretty space that's not too precious. Can you tell I've thought about this?  

This recently renovated cottage just came on the market and I was so excited to see it! It is hardly small by normal standards, with 5 bedrooms and over 4,000 square feet of space, but for a home that's recently been renovated in Sea Island, it's definitely unique.  It's exactly what I would do if I found myself in possession of an older Sea Island beach home at this point in my life - paint it all white and then fill it with fun, bright colors (pink, blue and white for me, please) and pretty, happy pieces.  

I noticed this house last year and I remember the cute bright blue door was opened so naturally I peaked in and saw the pretty lamps in the entry (not creepy at all right?).  After that I've been dying to see the inside!  It's a great location even though it's not directly on the beach.  Now who wants to go in on this together? Decor and furnishings are included! 

Come back tomorrow for another Sea Island home I'm eyeing!  It's neither small nor realistic, but it's pretty fabulous ;)  (I promise this won't turn into the blog o' Sea Island homes, but it wouldn't be so bad if it did, right?)