#MerryGreens, Part II

Y'all, I can't believe it's been a year since my little sister's awesome Christmas wedding! When their anniversary rolled around earlier this week, I realized I never shared the good photos with you.  I did a post full of iPhone pics and Instagram teases and then promised to share the professional photos, which I am finally doing a year later :) 

Without further ado, the best Christmas wedding ever! 

*All photos by Perez Photography, whom I cannot say enough great things about.  We love them!  

Stamped Paper Co knocked it out of the park with the invitations.  Susie-Melissa Cherry did the calligraphy for the wedding invite, which I believe is the prettiest wedding invitation I have ever seen.

My sister, Elizabeth, gave all of her bridesmaids Marigot Pajamas to wear while getting ready before the wedding.  I can speak on behalf of all of the bridesmaids when I say we all wear them year round.  (Well, I can't fit into mine right now, but as soon as I can they are going back into the rotation).

My boys were ring bearers and wore these Red Velvet Eton Suits.  I had to promise my oldest he could wear his Christmas pjs as soon as the ceremony was over.

The flower girls are the sweetest things ever.

My one attempt at a Christmas card pic.  Ha!

The ceremony was really wonderful and ended with a gospel choir surprising everyone with "Oh Happy Day!"  It was the perfect sendoff to begin celebrating the awesome couple.

The reception at Arlington Hall was truly magical.  I will probably use that word too many times in this post.  My sister is a huge fan of Christmas and the movie Elf and somehow her wedding planner, Emily Clarke, was able to translate that into a classy, whimsical party.

The laser cut snowflake install was such an amazing and breathtaking moment.

Candied fruit topiaries and a signature drink - mmm champagne, how I miss thee.

Elf quotes on all of the napkins.  When I say my sister loves Elf, I mean she loves Elf.

The guest book was a flocked Christmas tree with laser cut acrylic ornaments that the guests could write little messages on.

Another clever Elf reference with these "World's Best Cup of Coffee" cups!

Gorgeous pink, green and candied fruit florals from Branching Out Events.  If my sister were a bouquet of flowers, she would be these.

Inspiration for the outside of my house next year?!

Sorry, I can't stop with the snowflakes.

The groom's cake is their cat Izzy and Uga.

Elizabeth and David did the cutest choreographed dance routine to You Make Me Feel So Young (yes, another Elf reference, but also probably a cheeky little nod to their 8-year age difference, which really doesn't matter at all).  They did such a good job!

There's me having fun! I'm not going to lie, I actually posted that because I look really super skinny there.  I'm a giant circle right now, actually a sphere, waddling around town not totally confident that my belly is properly covered.  Baby Girl will be here soon though so I can tough it out, but I miss being fun and mobile.

A rare picture of my lovee and me.  We got to relive our wedding in a sense that night, albeit Christmas style.  Getting to dance to our wedding band together reminded me how much fun our wedding really was and what a great blessing it is to start a marriage with such a big, happy celebration.

It looks like Elizabeth and David got the same start, which is what I wanted for her more than anything!

When the dance floor stays full until the end of the night, you know it's been a good time.

Happy Anniversary Elizabeth and David!!!