Christmas Cards

Y'all, I've found the perfect Christmas Cards. If you're an avid blog reader you've probably already seen these blue and white beauties! 


They're from Dixie Design Collective, a lovely company I discovered while reading  The Glam Pad and The Enchanted Home, two of my favorite blogs. So thank you blog world for pointing me in the right direction!

I also loved these styles they offer: 




I was this close to ordering these: 


 How cute is the back? 


But the ginger jars won my heart. The cards are ordered! You can see more of the Dixie Design Collective Holiday 2016 Collection here.

Now, it remains to be seen whether I'll get stamps and addresses on them in time, but, one thing at a time.    

I have dreams of hand calligraphy on my envelopes to my nearest and dearest.  After baby girl comes, I plan to take a class from Dallas' super talented Susie-Melissa Cherry.


Susie-Melissa did calligraphy for my wedding and my sister's wedding, and I finally got to meet her over Thanksgiving and tell her how much I love her work.  She told me she could teach me and I was IN! It's an art that I've always wanted to learn and her classic style is always my favorite.  Something about her writing makes me feel so happy and at peace (is that a weird thing to say about someone's penmanship?) 

These are placards from my sister's bridesmaid's luncheon last year.  


But, alas, my friends and family will have to settle for my chicken scratch this year, made even more unfortunate by my pregnancy-induced carpal tunnel.  Good times! 

Also, if you're looking for some ideas for how to display all of the fun cards you receive, here are some of my favorites.  

  • Throw them on a pretty tray like I usually do - ok that's not necessarily a display, but it's a nice temporary place for them and friends can come over and flip through them.  Obviously, you put the cards with the cutest kids or most famous friends on top (just kidding, but you know you do it).  Actually, I like to put the guest's cards on top.  Just a subtle little welcoming thing.  Now if Britney Spears or any Bravolebrity sends me a Christmas card that will probably be on top of the stack always.  

Gold Alligator Tray

Juliska Country Estates Hostess Tray 

  • Hang the Christmas Cards from Pretty French Ribbon a la Martha Stewart 

I probably couldn't make mine look like that.  You can also use clothespins to hang them on the pretty ribbon.  

French Blue Wired Ribbon

24 Gold Christmas Card Holder Pegs
  • Go old school and put them in a sleigh like this one I found on Etsy (This look reminds me of my childhood) 
  •  Pretty up a bulletin board in your favorite fabric or ribbon (or buy one already put together). 
Navy and White Fabric Memo Board (the cards will bring in the Christmas colors) 

I should do this with some of the fabric remnants I've hoarded.  

I keep Christmas cards from my closest friends, year-after-year.  It's fun to look back and see how their families have grown.  I'll probably end up doing some version of all three of these ideas since my pile is already pretty big and I haven't gotten a single Christmas card in the mail yet.  

Do y'all display your Christmas cards? Any other ideas? 


5 Things

Just my favorite house, all decked out for Christmas
(I believe this was from an old issue of Southern Accents --- sigh) 

It's the Holiday Season! 

And whoop de doo and dickory dock

Y'all, I actually have 5 days of posts ready to publish for y'all.


No, for real!

I made up this new productivity tool for myself that I call 5 Things. (Aside:  What does it say about me that I have to trick myself into getting things done?)  It started with the completely overwhelming task of putting my laundry away.   I have a horrible tendency to walk by a pile and ignore it.   Usually it's a pile of laundry, but really any kind of pile is sufficient to induce more anxiety than is probably warranted.  I so wish I was one of those people who felt compelled to tackle it, but I'm not.  So now I'm trying to commit to putting away 5 things out of any pile I come across. That seems less overwhelming and has the wonderful effect of things actually getting put away. And y'all, sometimes I even do more than five things (ssshhhh).  This is kind of pathetic, I know, but I am 8 months pregnant so I'll go ahead and use it as an excuse.  Oh the perks of pregnancy! :)

Soo in the spirit of my favorite holiday season and my newfound way of "making it work," starting tomorrow, I'm bringing you 5 days of blog posts to hopefully get back into the swing of things.

AND here are Five Things to start us off.

1. Thank You! 

The fog is finally lifting from the loss of our sweet pup. This one definitely hit me harder than I expected, perhaps it's because I'm the mom now. Thank you for all your comments and kindness! It really helped and warmed my heart.  Your stories made me feel like I wasn't totally insane to be so devastated.  I appreciate you all more than you know.

Do you know who else I appreciate?

Andy Cohen.

Not only is his new book, Superficialgreat listening material (or reading, but with him I prefer to have him in my ear like he's on the phone just chatting away about his day), but it has actually helped me laugh and reminisce about my own codependent relationship with my dog (she was my first baby).
So, naturally, I had to tweet him to let him know.

Yes, Andy Cohen blessed my dog.  She can rest in peace now, and I can claim true best friendship with Andrew (that's what SJP and I call him).

2.  Thanksgiving

It also helped to go home to Dallas and be with my family for Thanksgiving. My parents' dog, Eloise, was noticeably at my feet the whole week. She usually ignores me in favor of my Dad, but she was by my side the whole time.  I swear she sensed I needed some extra fur baby love. Dogs are amazing! (Ok, I promise enough about my dog).

We had a beautiful, delicious family feast, and I just had to share one of the tables from The Suze's massive spread. We had both sides of the family at my parent's house.  It was so fun and relaxing.  How gorgeous are those flowers?

I did the Turkey Trot with my little family, which my oldest described as "horrible." Wamp wump! But it felt so good to just walk in all my pregnant glory. Plus, I love seeing the buildings of downtown Dallas.

I definitely thought about taking a shortcut into Neiman's off to the left.

3.  And, now, IT'S CHRISTMAS! 

My own blue and white Christmas ornaments I made last year (on our fake Christmas tree that I had to buy last minute after our other one died.  OOPS!) 

I'm in the process of decorating our house for Christmas.  Physically, I'm slightly rotund limited this year.   No climbing ladders to impulsively hang my own Christmas lights, and sadly, no making my own blue and white Christmas ornaments (pregnancy carpal tunnel is ruining my game).  So I hope to keep it simple, but that's not usually my strong suit.

How gorgeous are these displays from Nell Hill's, Kansas City's own popular "pretty house things" destination.  You can see more pretty decor on the Nell Hill's blog.

I'm dying to make a trip to Nell Hill's to see all of the beautiful Christmas decorations they have on display (on display, on display).  Looks like it's pretty much my version of Heaven! 

4.  Nursery Things

Oh, did I mention I'm preparing for baby #3 to arrive sometime right after Christmas???

I've spent the last few months gathering and painting, and I'm finally getting ready to put the nursery all together (or have Kip do it) and I can't wait to share it with you!

I shared a couple of peeks on my Instagram story the other day.

I framed some silk remnants of Scalamandre Pillement Toile to hang above the changing table.  I'm ready to have this room done!

The closet has become a project in and of itself thanks to my mom's amazing storage find - all my old baby clothes (as well as those of my two sisters)!

More on that later ;)

5. The greatest Youtube video ever

Ok, this is totally random, but my best friend sent this to me today.  I had sent it to her years ago, and it made my day.  If you need me, I'll be trying to memorize this dance routine next to the pile of laundry on the chair.  Enjoy!

The Quiet in Our Home

Our Beloved Reagan
“I AM ALWAYS slightly suspicious of people who don’t like dogs in the house,” said the New York City-based interior decorator and author Bunny Williams, who is also mother to six rescued mutts. If you pay attention, she said, pooches will “always show you the coziest places in the house to curl up.”  - Bunny Williams, The Wall Street Journal

Well friends, it was a day I knew was coming.  On Friday, we said goodbye to our dear sweet dog, Reagan.  I'll be honest, the grief is hitting me harder than I thought it would - the tears come on suddenly and I find myself wishing more than anything that I could have her back.  Kip and I adopted her from a shelter almost ten years ago, before we were married.  She marks the beginning of our life together and probably the moment we both knew our future was together.  She's been with our family through more big life moments than I think I will ever experience again - 3 moves, an engagement, a wedding and two babies.  And we loved her.

In June, she was diagnosed with nasal carcinoma, an aggressive and rare cancer in the nose.  We opted out of radiation as the prognosis wasn't much better with the treatment.  I didn't want to put her through more trauma than she had already been through. We looked at alternative treatments, none of which panned out.  So we waited, treated the symptoms, cleaned up her bloody sneezes and tried to enjoy our last few months with her.

And when I could see that her pain was so great that she couldn't go on, I took her to the vet still believing that he could maybe do something and I could bring her home.  But it was time, and I knew it.  It wasn't hard in the moment because she looked so awful, and I just wanted her free of pain.  I was in "do whatever needs to be done" mode and completely focused on her.  At first, I felt a sense of relief that it was over: the anticipation, the wondering whether or not she was ok, the constant blood stains and sneezes that occupied my day.  I was sad, but practical.  She had a long life, didn't have to suffer, and thank God this wasn't one of my children.

But the days since have been harder than I could have imagined.  She was connected to me in such a way that every movement I made in the house affected her and every movement she made affected me.  I didn't even really realize this until she was gone.  I knew and understood her better than I thought one could know and understand a dog.  I could anticipate her feelings and now that she's suddenly gone, it's a huge void.  So today's post is dedicated to our sweet girl Reagan, and all of the dogs that live in our homes, the dogs that protect our homes and families, and give our homes the life and love that we sometimes take for granted.  Whenever I see a pretty room with a dog in it, I love it more because I know it has a soul.

House Beautiful

HRH Lily in House Beautiful

Charlotte Moss in Veranda

Charles Faudree Country French Legacy

Jenny Wolf Interiors

The French Dog

House to Home

Michael S. Smith

Meredith Heron in House and Home

The French Dog

Architectural Digest

Architectural Digest

Architectural Digest

Charles Faudree Country French Legacy

Louise Townsend via JustJanBlog

House Beautiful via Betsy Speert's Blog


Today, I thought it might be nice to bring some lovelies to your internet screen.  Just a few little sussies for you today! Hugs all around!

Powder Blue Little Girl's Room
Cece Barfield Thompson 
Favorite Colors, Favorite Designer
Cathy Kincaid * The Enchanted Home 

More Favorite Colors, Favorite Designer
Mark D. Sikes * House Beautiful

Laundry Room Dreams
Instagram of James F. Carter, Architect

Backyard Dreams
Julie Charbonneau Design

This is starting to get my basement renovation wheels turning (as I unsubtly gesture toward that built-in playhouse/hiding spot for me)
via Alice Lane Home Collection
Oooh so is this!
Andrew Howard * House Beautiful 

Gorgeous Window Treatments
Caitlin Moran * Lonny 

Pretty Flowers from my parents for my birthday a few weeks ago

Loving this artwork on display (on display, on display) from fellow Dallas girl Megan Adams Brooks
*so tempted to paint all of the doors in my house glossy Columbia Blue

We are in the midst of Dinovember at my house.  The boys LOVE it and it gets me out of Elf on the Shelf (our Elf is pretty lazy and just brings them a small treat like a piece of gum).  Plus dinosaurs are waayy easier to work with.

Here's my post from last night:

"Tonight the carnivores and herbivores came together for a hot shower and hugs." 

You can see more of my Dinovember Album here :)

And, finally, this.  Because it's always good.