All Signs Point to Porthault

Right after college, I moved to New York and ended up with a job in fragrance development for Calvin Klein Cosmetics working in none other than the Trump Tower.  That is about as close to talking about the debates as I'll get on here and really has nothing to do with anything other than setting a scene.  

SO I'm living in New York City, young and too blonde, and I'm walking down the street wearing bright red pants and a white button down with my hair in a ponytail.  As I'm walking confidently in my red pants (most likely from H&M), I look up and happen to make direct eye contact with Nicky Hilton who is walking toward me wearing bright red pants, a white button down and her hair in a ponytail.  It was a super random, awkward moment that I had forgotten about until today when her adorable baby girl nursery popped up on my Instagram.  

Because ...

This was the Honey Bear's nursery that I posted last year three year's ago.  Notice anything similar? (definitely not the ill-fitting ottoman slip cover that I hate to even draw attention to accept it's the only thing I see right now).  

We both have the kneeling boy print.  Mine hung in the nurseries of both my husband and my father-in-law. I actually have the matching kneeling girl print that I found and bought "just in case" I one day had a girl.  

All of this is just a super long and round-about way for me to convince myself that some classic D. Porthault Coeurs pink linens are absolutely necessary in Baby Girl's nursery.  

It's a sign.  Straight from God and Nicky Hilton.  Thanks y'all! 

And thanks Mario Buatta for this inspiration.

And thanks, Cathy Kincaid for using pink and blue so beautifully.

And thank you again, Nicky Hilton.

via Instagram

Go visit my friend over at The Glam Pad if you want a fabulous rundown of The History of D. Porthault - It's a great read and I saved every image from the post in my digital hoarding Pretty Things file.    

Update: As I was finishing this post, my 3-year-old was screaming "mommy, mommy, mommy"over and over again with an emergency iPad request that I wasn't taking seriously enough.  Because my brain was slowly shriveling un on itself, I completely forgot to thank Rod Stewart.

I mean ...

Pink Everything!

Hello friends! I just returned from a fun (but short) trip to Dallas for my sister-in-law's gender reveal party! It's their first baby and they found out they are having a girl! I'm so so excited for them and for our little girls to grow up together.  So if things get real pink around here, you know why.

I'm actually a bit on the fence about pink.  It's my favorite color, but I love blue and white in little girl nurseries.  I only like a certain shade of pink and finding nursery inspiration that gets it right - right, as in what's going on in my head - has been challenging.

I found this nursery while perusing  I'm in love with the Mary McDonald for Schumacher Chinois Palais wallpaper and striped window treatments in this super traditional nursery.   I'd love to replicate this with more contemporary furnishings, but that's just more my style.  I think this is a stunning nursery though.

Pink Baby Room

I noticed these chinoiserie drapery panels when I was flipping through the Ballard catalog last month. I'm very curious! They were a tiny picture in the bottom corner of the catalog, which begs the question, are they that great? I wonder about the quality and colors in real life. It's more bold than the Chinois Palais, but they definitely caught my eye.  Most chinoiserie does. They are beautiful on the page and the price compared to other similar designer fabrics is a little less.

They also come in mineral, which looks more light turquoise and lavender on my computer screen. 

Just curious.  

Wastebasket Wonderland

Such a weird post title, I know.  I don't even know what it means.

I'm on the hunt for the perfect accessories for our new master bathroom.  Since we knew we would renovate the bathroom after we moved to our house four years ago (4 years?? Can it be?) we never really properly moved into the master bathroom.  Everything was just thrown around and into drawers haphazardly.  That is a tactic I would not recommend by the way.

So we need accessories in general, but I just want everything I put in my space to be something I like.  Strangely, I'm obsessing over the wastebasket situation.  I blame pregnancy?

Enter the prettiest blue and white floral wastebasket from The Well-Appointed House that I can't unsee.

Considering The Well-Appointed House has an entire section devoted to luxurious wastebaskets, I know that it's at least a semi-legitimate detail over which to obsess.  But, alas, this one is currently out of stock (not to mention I might not be able to justify this purchase as part of our renovation budget).

So after an all-too lengthy research session scrolling my phone, I settled on this pretty scalloped number.

Leave it to our old friend from The Hills, Lauren Conrad to give good girly attention to the bathroom wastebasket.  Even better, it's on sale for $29 at Kohls! I actually bought two because the blush color was so pretty and I needed to fill my scallop quota for the nursery.

Hopefully, they're as pretty in person!

Here are a few more wastebasket pretties, in case you're feeling as particular as I am today.

Dana Gibson Canton in Blue 

Whitewash Rattan Basket - The Container Store 

Seafood Waste Bin - Hollyhock, Inc. 

Rattan Wastebasket - Target 

Monogrammed Scalloped Wastebasket - Etsy 

Keep the details pretty, y'all! 


Manic Monday (a few house updates)

Well y'all, insane pregnancy nesting mode has reached full capacity.  I feel a little bit like a robot with a single mission: get my house in order at all costs. Only problem is, well, costs, and my own physical limitations i.e. bending over to get things off the floor - not easy when you're almost 6 months pregnant. Oh and kids, they can quickly undo anything I've done in terms of cleaning and organizing.  Good thing I like them ;) So please pardon my extreme A.D.D. as my brain is firing off millions of ideas a mile a minute. 

Here are some of the things: 

pay no attention to the unfinished tile situation, they'll be back to finish tomorrow

Our bathroom is getting the final touches and as I try to move our stuff back in, I realize some of our stuff doesn't quite belong anymore (ahem old towels, things with unattractive labels, my kids after their "pool party" in the plastic tupperware bins in our backyard).  Suddenly the room has standards and while I'm not afraid to live in it, I want it to stay pretty.  

I definitely want to slipcover that chair in the picture above.   I'm suddenly all about slipcovers again.   I think I forgot how pretty they can be.  There's so much opportunity for beautiful, unique details when it comes to slipcovering furniture - scallops, ruffles, buttons, pleats, bows - just so many fun things that can be done with a simple piece of white fabric.  I'll definitely be posting more on this topic.  In the meantime, I need to befriend a skilled seamstress.  

Or I need to learn how to sew because I have 500 additional projects swimming around in my head.  

I have fabric.  I'm still narrowing down the paint color, but I'm 90% sure I'm going to go with the color on the left, Sherwin William's Faint Coral (Thank you, Kerry Steele, artist extraordinaire for the recommendation!)

Since we have to make the guest room into the nursery, I want the Honey Bear's big boy room to be nice enough for guests to stay in.  He's probably my tidier child and prefers to sleep in his brother's room so that seems like the best solution for now.  

So here's my little collection of things in the corner of his room: 

It's hard to get a good picture of the colors in the fabrics here.  Just think lots of greenish blue.  The leafy fabric is an old Schumacher print I took from The Suze's house and the bottom fabric is a roll of ivory faux bois I found for $20 at the local antique mall.  I'm thinking roman shades, pillows with trim, a headboard, a leather chair (to make it boyish) and some blue and white mixed in. 

Speaking of pretty labels (yes, way back at the beginning the post), I have a slight obsession with The Laundress products.  The packaging is perfect with quality products to back it up - their Stain Solution is one of my favorites.  I use it a lot with great results!  

And this

It. Smells. Amazing.  Let me tell you what this smells like: 
- Downton Abby 
- a rich bachelor's home on the Upper East Side. He has mild OCD and a cleaning lady who has ties to Buckingham Palace 
- every Paris apartment with beautiful millwork and an abundance of crystal chandeliers
- probably Patricia Altschul's home 
- fancy people's homes

Now I have to go clean everything and play with my fabrics.  Have a lovely afternoon! 

Book Review: SEGRETOvignettes (it's goood)

Hello friends! I hope y'all had a relaxing Labor Day weekend! I'm super excited about this post today. A couple of weeks ago, I received a copy of SEGRETOvignettes by the incredibly talented (and super sweet) Leslie Sinclair. I've been a longtime follower of Leslie's blog Segreto Finishes and a big fan of hers in general. I often refer to my copy of SEGRETO: Secrets to Finishing Beautiful Interiors when I'm looking for inspiration.  I reviewed Segreto Secrets here a few years ago, and could not wait to see all of the inspiring interiors in her latest book.

Now if you judge a book by it's cover like I do, you will probably be happy just having SEGRETOvignettes simply sitting on your coffee table.  It's top of the stack-worthy.  I mean, the puppy.  You can't cover those sweet puppy dog eyes.  I actually gasped "oh my gosh!" when I pulled the book out of the box it arrived in!  It's just so pretty!

But y'all, here's the real deal. I read SEGRETOvignettes. Cover to cover.

And I highly recommend you do, too.

It contains a wealth of information that I needed to know more about, but didn't know I needed to know until I read it if that makes sense.

For instance, I didn't know I was into stenciling.  I'm embarrassed to admit my knowledge of stencils in interiors came from Pinterest and HGTV.  I had no idea how truly sophisticated it can look in a room and what an amazing design solution it can be.

Here a stencil pattern was created from a discontinued wallpaper pattern

In the book, Leslie talks about using a stencil in place of wallpaper when there are lots of tricky nooks, when you want to enhance a specific pattern or complement a special feature in the room.

There are also sections devoted to plaster, murals, painted floors, wood finishes, and different types of outdoor finishes.

The painted floor in this entry brings in a fun, conversational element to a room that normally wouldn't get much attention. (I could see my kids jumping from circle to circle for hours in here while I look at magazines - this is how I think) 

Leslie posted about her own living room mural awhile back.  It's always been a favorite.  The images of her home in this book are some of my favorites! 

Leslie is a fellow lover of the Blaygeen color or what I less eloquently refer to as Bluish-greenish-gray.  And yes, she has a section about the elusive, but well-loved color, which gives you tips on how to get it just right.  You can see she definitely got it right in her own home (pictured above) when she color-washed her existing mural and painted the wood-work.  Everything you need to know about that process is also in the book, of course!

Another stencil project with the added perk of super awesome and functional design solutions for a small laundry room. 

I learned a new term from SEGRETOvignettes: slurrying.  It's a process of plastering brick, and it's one of those things I would have admired on a house, but then had no idea how to replicate.

Slurried brick 
Now I know!

Also, did you know you can paint tile?  This is a debate my husband and I often have.  I'm of the opinion you can paint anything if you do it right.  He's not convinced.  Well, here you go:

Straight out of the book.

In addition to all of the finishing styles, SEGRETOvignettes offers room by room advice with some of the prettiest interiors.  And not only is it filled with pretty pictures, but it's loaded with information about the pictures - paint colors, fabric sources, plumbing fixtures.  It's all right there.

From kitchens to bathrooms to bedrooms, SEGRETOvignettes is basically a tome on how to do things right in your house whether you are building, renovating or just wanting a refreshing fix.  The "Tips From The Experts" section is one of my favorites in the book.  It answers all of my questions - how do you find the perfect white? How do I select a countertop? Choose an architect? Style with slipcovers?

Can you tell I'm excited?!

I'm highly recommending this book for anyone who loves pretty interiors or ever feels like they know what they want to do in their home, but don't know how to go about it - a problem us non-professional design enthusiasts have all the time.  I know you all will love this book as much as I do!

Order your copy of SEGRETOvignettes and then start carving out a cozy nook to read it in because you won't want to put it down.

                                             Segreto Finishes Books

A huge thank you to Leslie Sinclair and Segreto for sending me a copy.  I know it will be such a valuable resource for years to come.

* this post contains affiliate links, but the fawning and gushing is all my own :) 

Happy Labor Day!

LOL, this showed up on my Timehop today. Story of my life. That white kitchen still makes me have cartoon heart eyes. Have a wonderful Labor Day everyone! 

Wisteria Online Warehouse Sale (lots of blue & white!)

Wisteria is having their online warehouse sale so I thought I'd share a few of my favorite deals. There is tons of blue and white included and at really good prices if you are on a budget. This post isn't sponsored, I just happen to really like Wisteria and good deals. Hope you find something you like!

Americana Chest - I would love this for my son's big boy room! (He's trying to decide whether he'll let the new baby use his crib that he hasn't slept in in months.  I have interpreted this as a decorating challenge.  He's a future man, so giving up his crib has to bed his idea of course).

Hand-painted Blue Cornflower Bowl - I don't know why, but I've wanted this bowl for awhile!

Bullet Glass Table Lamp - I love this lamp! It would be a nice twist in a super traditional room, like my living room perhaps?

Merriment Pot - Because Blue & White Merriment is always nice

Hulu Vase - For Blessings and Wealth (and generally good decor)

Scallop Plates - Because Mermaids! (side-note: my neighbor is a writer and he just interviewed a Merman who lives in Topeka, KS and has to be carried everywhere when he's in his tail.  Apparently he will be at the Renaissance festival so now I have to go).

European Flax Linen Pillow Cover - Such a pretty blue

Swedish Pennant Chest - at $800, I think this is a steal.  And it would look great in so many different rooms.  I'm considering it for extra storage in my new bathroom (I have a makeup & beauty product hoarding problem).

Chinese Scenery Lamp - How do I not own a set of these?

Coral Napkin Rings - only $30 for a pair

Regal French Chandelier - for all my halls, classic

French Country Dining Table - I just love anything with a scallop detail! This take the whole farmhouse dining table look up a few notches.

Venetian Mirror - so pretty and these can get really expensive when you start looking around 

Flourished French Console - I have always loved this table, but I don't have a place for it ... yet.  Imagine this in a sunny spot with flower-filled blue and white porcelain all over it!

Six Drawer Notable Dresser - Notable indeed! Possible nursery contender?

Chinese Calligraphy Brush - Always a lovely decorating touch! I can have lots of breakable porcelain around the house, but this little guy would never survive my kids.  My very sweeet, creative kindergartner would totally zero in on this and make it his.  sigh!